Monday, 19 March 2018

I'm back + a Great Yoga video's been a long time of not blogging...October of 2017 to be exact!

This weekend I realized that the years that I was a consistent blogger, I was also more apt to keep my running and fitness schedule.  Why?  Because you guys kept me accountable! So I'm back!  Even if just for myself as a way to look back over my training and my year of running, I am committing to blogging at least once per week!!!

So what have I been up to?  Welllllllll....not much running or fitness to be honest!  Watson has kept me busy....having a puppy is exhausting!  Thank god he's cute!
He is 9 months old and 76lbs.  Yup...he's a big boy!
But it's time to take back my fitness!  Last week I got notice that I was accepted as the 1:10 10k pace bunny at our big Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon in May.  I didn't realize how much I had missed having something to look forward to.  Ever since the double stress fracture diagnosis of 2016, I haven't actively looked forward to any race, knowing I may not be able to train for it!  I plan on having a blast at the Bluenose....celebrating 15 years of the race....I'm already planning my outfit!  Check out the tshirt design this year......

Given my lack of running and fitness this year, I knew I needed a solid plan to get me there injury to plan...plan to fail as they say!  So for the next 2 months, my plan is to follow this schedule:

Monday - strength training
Tuesday - Rest day - yes...this is an odd rest day...but I teach bootcamp AND have doggie obedience
Wednesday - run per schedule
Thursday - yoga - I found this great 14 minute yoga video on's tough and stretches all the right places.
Friday - run per schedule
Saturday - strength
Sunday - long run per schedule

Yesterday was my first scheduled run....3 miles...which equals 4.8k...but then I couldn't just leave that .20 5k it was!

Yesterday's run reminded me that my core needs a ton of work!  A side stitch the entire time makes for a painful run!  Strengthening my core/back made for much better running a few years in addition to my weekly workout schedule above, I'll be adding core work too.  A few years ago, I made this youtube video of 'Core work for Runners' and it's still a doozy! 

So that's it for now!  My hope is to post my weekly training updates as well as one workout for you guys to try if you want!

In the meantime, would love to know what keeps you guys accountable to your training???

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