Sunday, 25 March 2018

The Dreadmill

Ahhhhh come the weekends seem to fly by so fast???

Today I had a 6.4km (4 miles) on my training plan.  I woke up to cold and windy...and this princess decided she wasn't running outside.  The dreadmill it was....
Image result for 20 minutes is really just 4 5 minutes
This was me...even at 2 minutes
How do you all run long distances/times on a treadmill???  I've tried music, movies, matter what...I'm watching that darn clock!   Did I do 4 miles?  Nope...I did 5km (3.12 miles) and that was mentally challenging!
But I'm jumping ahead....let's recap!

Monday - Strength training - check
Tuesday - rest - check (yup...that was easy)
Wednesday - easy run - check - Watson even helped me a bit on this one
Thursday - yoga - check - I also did the 8 minute ab video (ouch)
Friday - easy run - did not happen - my knee was a little sore from I rested
Saturday - strength - check - see below for workout
Sunday - 6.4km - kind of check.

Watson loves to be part of all workouts!
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As is a 20 (or so) minute workout for you to try.  You will need a timing device of some sort.  You are going to do each exercise for 40 seconds, rest 10 seconds, and then another 40 seconds of the exercise before moving onto the next.

1.  Hammer Curl to overhead press
2.  Sit up with overhead press
3.  Ab jump in to upright row
4.  Step Up/Step down (you can use stairs in your house)
5.  Diamond Pushups
6.  Reverse Lunge to front kick (do the same leg for the first 40, then the other)
7.  Plank Hold with Spiderman knee
8.  Side Step to vertical jump
9.  Bootsnaps
10. Sumo Squat with bicep curl
(see my instagram account for video)

The coming week is supposed to see warmer temperatures so hopefully my runs all happen outdoors.  If they don't....what do you guys do to get through them????

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