About Me

Hi Everyone....I'm Courteney.  I started running about 6 years ago and it has become a passion of mine since then.  Don't get me wrong, I used to be one of those people who questioned why people ran...especially in the wind and rain.  I now know and take back everything I ever said as I would drive by.

In my day job, I am an accountant...but not one of those quiet bean counters (sorry if anyone out there is a silent bean counter).  Silent is not a word to describe myself and I think all my friends/family would agree.

The distance that I run the most between 5 and 10k.  I completed my second 1/2 marathon this fall, before my IT Band reared it's ugly head.  I have completed a sprint triathlon and my first 1km open water swim two summers ago, concentrating on obstacle course races last year.  I am also a personal trainer and teach fitness classes in my spare time, helping people reach their goals, one step/punch/burpee at a time. This is where my passion lies!

I also own 2 cats and a dog...yes...I am the crazy animal person.  Each one of them makes me laugh in their own special way...watch for them to make some cameo appearances. :-)


  1. A runner, accountant (and loud) and cat owner?!
    I think we might be long-lost sisters!! :D

    1. Hehe...we accountants need somehow to release all our energy!

  2. Hi Courteney! I was just reading up on your blog and had a quick question. Could you please email me when you get the chance? - Emily

    1. Emily....I can't find your email to contact you....can your each out to me at osbornecourteney@gmail.com?

  3. Fellow IT band injury runner here....now a torn lateral meniscus...and two cats :) Loud Litigation Paralegal....lol!

  4. Drop me an email at brad.bishop@ns.sympatico.ca

  5. Hi Courteney,

    Olga from RunGuides.com here, my site helps runners find races in different cities.

    We've recently started linking to race reports so that our users can get a better idea of what certain runs are like. Was reading over a few of your race reports and think that they would be a great fit for our site. Are you okay if we link to them?

    Would be a direct link back to your blog on our event pages, you can check out a few examples in the race reports section on:

    - http://www.runguides.com/vancouver/event/seawheeze-half-marathon
    - http://www.runguides.com/vancouver/event/bmo-vancouver-marathon
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    Olgaa (olga@runguides.com)