Sunday, 17 May 2015

Bluenose Marathon Weekend 2015

This weekend marks the 12th annual Bluenose Marathon Weekend.  The energy around the city is crazy and my twitter and facebook feeds lit up with people going to the expo and chatting about the race!!!

Friday I volunteered to run the treadmill at the Nova Physiotherapy booth.  I packed my kitbag first thing in the morning, got to work and realized I had forgotten my sneakers....DUH!  Luckily I called on the Sole Sisters race director to save me....and save me she did! 
I was a chatter for sure...waving to everyone I saw!
Then I went home and caught some great vitamin D!!
Thanks to Brooks for the new capris and Pure Cadence sneakers!
Saturday saw me working at the gym, then a little TCB for the Sole Sisters Race!  The social run saw only 4 ladies show...a nice long weekend will do that!

And that brings us to today....race day! 
LOL...early morning shot!
I had a team photo with CBC at 8:15am and then out to the start line.   Wouldn't you know that it started to rain as I was walking up....not just rain...kind of like a down pour...and it was cold!!!  I had a long sleeve shirt on as well so that I could throw it away at the 1k mark...which is exactly what I did.  As per usual with a big race, I was weaving between runners at the start, trying to find a place to settle into a nice rhythm.  At no point in the race did I ever have any more than 2 square feet to was packed!   

The course is a hilly course....the 2.5-3k point is climbing the bridge, then down the other side...then at 4.25-5k - up another hill....then back up the bridge at 7k....luckily there are down hills to make up for it.  My splits look like this:  1k - 5:48; 2k - 5:49; 3k - 5:36; 4k - 5:24; 5k - 5:55; 6k - 5:33; 7k - 5:20; 8k - 5:36; 9k - 5:14; 10k - 4:48.....for a total time of 55:02 for my 10k!!!  After my PB in Liverpool 2 weeks ago, I was pretty sure I couldn't go faster....guess I was wrong!  The strange thing is that I wasn't really hurting at any point during the race...I shortened my stride up the hills and tackled them...keeping my pace consistent.  I am excited to try a flat 10k course to see what happens when there aren't ten thousand hills involved!
Gotta love asking strangers to take your picture...thankfully everyone
understands the need for finishing photos.
I love this weekend in the city...everyone accomplishing their goals...smiling and talking to strangers...we all have something in common!!!

Next up?  Spartan Race!  Eeeeek....time to add more pushups, TRX, and burpees to the training!!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and found some time for running and relaxing!!!


  1. Great job on the 10k! Had you done this one before? The blue nose 10k was my first ever race in 2009! Lol

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