Tuesday, 19 June 2018

2018 Michelin Tire Trot

The Michelin Tire Trot was a FREE....yes....FREE race!!!  I have no idea how they managed to do it.  Being a race director, I know the costs involved in running a race....and it isn't cheap.

I signed up because the race was in my home town of Bridgewater.  Turns out the race is on the Run Nova Scotia series which means a lot of fast runners came out.  It also meant that I knew a few other runners.
Mandi and her son Malcolm...it was his first
5k and he only stopped once.
Wendy...she worked hard and got under 29 minutes.
This is Roy...I follow him on Instagram at @Roybanks1960.
I finally met him in person.

John & Jillian (also Jill's hometown)
The lady taking our picture said "Say....sex"  Only in Bridgewater

 The course was on the old railway trail in Bridgewater.  It crosses the LaHave river and it was stunning.  
Photo taken off the internet...but this is the bridge we ran over.
The initial start went down a sharp driveway and as I ran it, I could tell that we were in a slight decline as my pace was averaging around 5:05/km.  I was taking all I could as I knew the return would be the slight incline...slowing my pace.  I tried to keep Wendy going for the first half as I knew she wanted to get under 30 minutes...at the turn around, I pushed forward.  Because the run was on the trail, passing was difficult.  It was like a triathlon, I didn't want to pull out and pass until I was sure I could get by.  That last 1.5k was all uphill (as slight as it was)...it was hard and my pace actually slowed a full minute!  I passed a gal with about 100m to go, and then she decided to try and sprint past me up the steep driveway finish.  Nope...not gonna happen!   I finished in 27.19...placing 69th overall, and 7th in my age class.  I'll take that!

There were over 250 runners for the 5k and about 50-75 for the kids run...we all got medals and water for finishing.  Again....I don't know how they did it but it was a fantastic FREE run and it will be on my calendar next year.

Monday, 18 June 2018

2018 Tidal Trail 10k

Last year, the Tidal Trail run was part of Maritime Race Weekend...the popularity of the event moved it to it's own race day this year!  I talked my friend Tracey into this year as well.  June 3rd and it was FREEZING...I mean we had frost warnings and only a +2c temperature when we woke.  The wind was howling (60 km/hr) and I was just thankful that it wasn't raining on top of everything else.  Try dressing for a race in June...and waking to freezing temps!

I picked up Jillian and Tracey and we made our way to the start line.  The wind was strong, which made the chilly temperatures seem even colder.  We actually joked that we were going to stay in the porta potty as it was the only shelter we could find.

The Tidal Trail run is held entirely on a gravel trail (duh...the title says trail) so passing is difficult.  Runners lined up based on estimated finishing times to try and minimize the congestion.  Luckily, the first 1.5km of the run was in a park setting which allowed us a bit of shelter from the wind.  Unfortunately the minute we hit the open trail, Tracey and I were both like "WTF".  You took 1 step forward and the wind blew you 2 steps back...it was crazy!!!  I think I may have said `Well this was a stupid idea.`

My hair is not sideways in this picture because I am going fast...by this point (around 7k) the wind was finally at our back.   At one point, Tracey was in front of me and she literally got blown from one side of the trail to other...it was nuts!
It was an out and back course which was nice for seeing other runners.  The first 1.5k may be sheltered, but it has many rolling little inclines and declines...which means the final 1.5k does as well.  If not for Tracey, I would have stopped and walked in that last 1.5k...the wind had sucked the life out of my legs!!  I managed to cross in 58.10 which I was super happy with given my lack of distance training and the wind conditions!!  I did it all for this medal...as the runner actually moves across from left to right.

Tracey and I cheered in other runners while waiting for Jillian to cross.  All in all it was a great race...well organized, chip timed, and a small reception at the end (not that we participated as we were freezing...LOL).  Again....all 3 of us insisted on Tims hot tea/coffee to warm our insides as we drove home!