Friday, 23 June 2017

And......I'm back

Hello faithful readers!

I have realized something over the last few months, when you aren't running and your blog is mostly about really don't have much to chat about!

Let me catch you up!  12 weeks after my double stress fracture diagnosis, I tried running 1km...yup...1km.  It was a gorgeous sunny day here in NS and I couldn't resist.  I was so happy at the end when there was no pain and the next day...minimal pain.

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Don't let the snow fool was warmish out
The hardest part about stress fractures is that there is no time  It's all about how you feel.  I am now over 6 months post diagnosis and still 'healing'.  When I did start back, I started back slowly.  My fitness level had dropped a lot given I wasn't allowed to run or jump or do anything impact.  I have had to change my mental outlook on running and really just enjoy the fact that I am running my speed or distance there?  No...but I am running.

At the beginning of June, I wanted a follow up bone scan to see where my healing was at so off I went to be injected with dye once again.  The results?  My left leg is completely healed (YAY), and my right leg shows signs of a 'healing' stress fracture.  Again my doctor's advice was "take it easy, alter your activities if you can, but only you will know if you are pushing it too much".  Great....leave a runner to their own devices....LOL. 

So what am I doing?  I have slowly increased my distance...I'm sticking to only 2 runs per week at this point, and throwing workouts in some of the other days.  I usually run 5k mid week, and have started to increase my weekend distance to about 8km.  I'm signed up for a 15k race in September and am hoping that I'll be able to do it if I train smart!  Now that summer is here, I am planning on getting some more biking in.  I'm super lucky to live not far from work and can bike if I choose (I've only done it once so far).

One thing that a running injury does is humble you so watch other runners in complete envy.  The minute you lace up those sneakers and hit the ground is like heaven...until you realize that it is HARD coming back!  Physically, mentally, and emotionally it is HARD.  I am thinking of this as my rebuilding know...professional sports teams have them....I'm going to have one too.  I'm going to run for the complete fun of PB' pressure....just to be out there!
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So that's where I am now....rebuilding and just enjoying being out there...putting one step in front of the other.  If any readers have any thoughts on coming back from injury, please feel free to reach out...I love hearing from you!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

2017 Please Treat me Well!

I am not one bit sad to see 2016 be done...NOT.ONE.BIT.  2016 will forever be known as the year of 'the injury' that kept me from enjoying one of my favorite activities.  If you have been following the blog, or my social media account, you know that starting in August, I had recurring shin pain in my right leg.  After pushing through a few races, I could no longer pretend that it was nothing.  After a negative xray, a bone scan was ordered.  Diagnosis....Stress Fractures in both tibias...the right one far worse than the left.

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This is not my actual scan...but put that in both legs and it might as well be.
The person running the test said she couldn't give me any results but said "If you can see it from across the room...well.....".  All the Dr.Google research I did said I'd be off for 6-8 weeks, in a boot.  You know when you kind of know something in the back of your head, but until someone actually confirms it, it doesn't seem real???  That was me.  According to Runner's World...this is the most common stress fracture in runners, followed closely by the foot.

At my GP's office, he said...."no activity for at least 4-6 weeks, and then you can do 1 minute....if it hurts...then stay off it again."  I was like "1 MINUTE!". "NO ACTIVITY"  And really no definitive date of return.  I was crushed.  I'm not going to lie...I cried and I felt sorry for myself for about a week.  Granted, I hadn't been running consistently because of the stupid injury ('s still stupid to me), but at least I had been doing some activity with workouts...and now that was being taken away.  The one good thing that my GP said was that I would not be confined to a 'boot', which makes driving and walking much easier.

I am currently in week #4 of no activity.  I got on the stationary bike for the first time this week.  It went I think I'll add that 3 times per week.  Dumbbells and the TRX have been my friends but it's just not the same.  My running friends will completely get it when I say I just can't get the same feeling from working out/biking as I do when I crawl up the stairs from a tempo run!  I know....well I hope....I can come back stronger.  I hope that all these weeks of recovery really do heal the stress fracture...but there are no guarantees.

So while the rest of my friends are scrolling through the race events and planning which ones they are going to do, I'm sitting idly waiting...waiting...waiting until I can start to do the same.  Please good to me.