Sunday, 15 October 2017

2017 Valley Harvest 10k Review

My last race of the season...and my first 10k race.

I really do love the Valley's usually a perfect time of year...crisp and cool...the colors and the scenery are beautiful. 

The night before I laid out flat Courteney....
the blanket was in the race kit this year
It was supposed to be 19 degrees by 8am by the time the race started...with humidity!  I guess crisp and cool was out this year!!!  I woke up way too early....5:30am the alarm went off and 6:15 I was out the door. 

I met Jill at the race....when I got to her she was already pacing...not hard to tell it was her first 1/2!
At 8am we lined up and were off.  I was aiming for 58 minutes which would make for a comfortable run.  The first part of the course is pretty much flat...then at 1.5k there is a downhill and subsequent uphill...a little valley...and then flat again.  The course runs along the dykes and is very one point a cow actually mow'd at me.  LOL  And then you have to climb the 'irving' ramp on the return...that blasted hill is looonnnnggggg....and yes....I walked it!!!  The final 3k pass quickly...and yes...that little valley jumps in at 9k...and then you are upon the track at the university.  You can see/hear the finish line...but you still have to run around the track.
I'm actually watching a mom encourage
her daughter to finish the 5k
I finished in basically where I wanted to be. 
I walked around and found Jill's boyfriend and then we waited!  It was a beautiful day in the valley and a great morning to relax and enjoy everyone finishing their race.  Jill came in strong!!  She crossed that finish line at 2:16 and officially became a 1/2 marathoner!!! 
she doesn't even look like she ran
The Valley never disappoints....but I do have to say that I wish there were more photographers on the course.  I know it has to be difficult/expensive to find someone to stay on a course for numerous hours to capture pics but I also know how much runners really like seeing their pictures!!

Unless I suddenly sign up for a last minute race, my racing season is now over.  Time to just run to run and cross train for next year!

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