Friday, 12 June 2015

What's in my Gym Bag???

I thought I'd steal an idea from The Athletarian and show you what I have in my gym bag on a constant basis.  People often call me the bag lady as I usually have my purse, my lunch bag, and my gym bag.
Here is what is in my bag in total right now!
 Now a little explanation of the items.  The items below I carry constantly for teaching classes.  I have my lesson plan books, my whiteboard markers, deck of cards,  stop watch and old tabata cards.  You never know when you'll be asked to do a class last minute and this allows me to pull from old classes if need be.  The most important piece in this is my stop watch...hands down...I'm lost without it. Gym members say I often forget to keep track of the time on it...but they are lying.  LOL
 Next is the stuff I constantly have on hand should I want to do a run or workout on the fly.  I have KT Tape, body glide, my 360Fit tshirt, and my runningluv shammie.
Then there is my swim stuff.  I usually have my wet suit in the back of the car and my swimsuit as well.  The swimsuit is still in the drawer due to the cold weather we've been having.  There have been some lake swimming going on...but I'm still hesitant.  Brrrrr.  The open water swim is at the end of the month...not sure if I'm up to it this year...we'll see.
And last but not least, my fuel.  There are quite a few times that I jump into class without properly eating (bad...I know) I quickly chomp on some stingers or eat a cliff bar.  It seems to do the trick and gets me through the class.  The other day, I actually had a member who was feeling faint so I was super glad I had something in my bag to quickly give her.
So there you have it....what is in that giant gym bag.  I can stack a lot in that bag...and if I ever lost it...well...I'd be one cranky gal!!

Why don't you share with me what is in your gym bag!!!  What can you not live without??


  1. Right now my gym bag is EMPTY...I used it to fly to DC with my students and haven't repacked it yet haha.

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