Saturday, 30 September 2017

Ocean Breeze Gale 5k

My next race was supposed to by the Valley 10k but Jill wanted to try and hit a PB so off we went to Lawrencetown Beach this morning to try and get her one.
Gorgeous views on the beach.  There were numerous surfers in the water today.
The race had a 5k, 10k run, and a 5k walk option.  Race kit pickup was held over two days giving folks lots of time to pick them up.
I've never run this race before so I was excited to see what it offered.  It was a chilly morning...we've kind of been thrown into fall temperatures all of a sudden!  I knew my lungs would not be happy being pushed today. 
Pre-race selfie.  Beautiful scenery....even if it was a tad chilly!
There were 61 runners doing the 5k run.  There was a brief warmup where the leader actually had the runners doing static always surprises me when this happens (as fitness professionals should know better)!  I positioned myself in between the 25 and 30 minute pace bunny hoping I could keep the 25 minute bunny in my sights.  The trail was crusher dust...but not packed crusher dust like the BLT trail that I frequently run on...but rather a bit loser.  This made me think of Jill and her PB as I knew her footing wouldn't be as good as if she were on pavement. 

Even with the number of runners/walker, there seemed to be ample space on the trail to accommodate us all.  At the turn around point, I could tell that I was first female.  Now let me clarify....Rum Runners (a very popular relay race) was also happening today...and that took many quick runners!!!  I was still excited and tried to maintain pace on my way back.  We had a bit of a head wind after the turn around and I had to stop to walk to catch my breath for about 30 seconds. I pushed myself to continue, knowing that I had less than 2km to go.    The one downside of a straight, flat trail is that I could see that darn finish line forever...well maybe not forever...but for at least 500 meters.

Here are how my splits turned out.

You can see at 4k mark that I walked.
And Atlantic Chip Results.....

One and only time that I'll see 1st female and 1st in my age group!!
There were lots of after race treats including chocolate milk, bananas, mini crispies, granola bars, water, and even frizbees from a local radio station!

This was a great local, small race that supports an independent school in the area.  I might put this on my list again next year.  I did see some of the runners doing the 10k and boy...they had quite the uphill to climb...I don't think I'll do that one. :-)

For now...I'm sure my next race is the valley harvest 10k...can't wait for that one as it's a beautiful time of year AND Jillian is running her first ever 1/2 marathon!! Oh....and Jill totally got her 5k PB today...crossing the line 3rd female and 1st in her age group!!! 

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