Monday, 3 August 2015

Outdoor Challenge Workout - Bring the Pain

A few weeks ago, I signed up to be part of an Outdoor Challenge Workout at the 360Fit Gym.  I had participated in a similar event a month or so prior and enjoyed it, so why not try another.  My friends Peter, Dave, and Tracey rounded out our team of 4 with a mission.....have fun....and beat Devin...hehe.  Devin is the owner of the gym and maybe just a wee bit was a good challenge for us!
The before shot - Dave was fueling well with his Timmy's!
The Workout!
The items in brackets are the minimums that each
team member had to complete.
The day brought sunshine and warmth...a perfect workout day for sure!  The idea was that the 4-person team that could finish the 6 exercises the fastest would win.  Only one member of any team could be going at one time.

Our team were given the 200 KB squat thrusters to do first.  Our team strategized with the guys doing 10 at a time and the girls doing 5. 
Dave insisted I turn my hat backwards so I didn't hit it with the KB.
He might be slightly competitive as well.
Next up....burpees.  Our strategy here was 5 at a time.  Easy to count and enough time between to catch your breath and be able to pound them out!  I love this picture of Tracey....she is flying!
Then tire jumps.  We decided to do 10 at a time....very easy to count and we could do them quickly.  At no time were we sure of where any other team was in terms of finishing.  That was the great thing about this worked hard not knowing how close you were to the next team.
 Moving on to tire flips!  Almost everyone I talk to says "Oh man....I'd love to try that....even just once".  I say 'DO IT'!  For this exercise, we knew the guys could flip the tires so much faster than the gals.  We put in our required 10 flips (3 per time) and let the guys finish off the 4 lengths.    Wise decision!
2nd to last exercise....8 parking lengths of walking lunges.  We could have done this 2 ways....2 lengths each...or 1 length alternating.  We chose the latter.   This allowed us to rest between sets, knowing that our last challenge was the sprint...we needed semi-fresh legs.  Whoever put the lunges before the sprint needs their head examined....Ummmm...that would be Devin!  LOL
And finally the sprint.  Dave nor Peter are runners by choice so Tracey and I decided to do the majority of the laps.  The plan had been that Dave would do one, then I'd do 3, then Pete would do 1, and Tracey would finish with her 3.  It's great to have a plan, but you have to be flexible.  Tracey and I may be runners....but we are not sprinters!  400m around the building at a sprint leaves nothing in the tank.  We each needed a break between our runs.  So it ended up that we traded off single laps to finish it up.  A fantastic team effort with Dave and Pete cheering us on the entire time!
This has got to be one of my favorite pictures as it really shows the team effort...
Pete is even giving a thumbs up!

At one point Dave asked if I needed to him to run a lap for me.  No way!  Pete and Dave carried us in the tire flips and I was going to hold up my end of the deal...I would do my runs!  Having a group of people count on you to put forth your best pushes you to step it up!
The finishing photo...and WINNING team! We have hashtagged
ourselves as team #FITFAMCREW
We finished about 5-10seconds ahead of Devin's team.  We were pumped!!!  It wasn't just about our team though....there were families working out together, and people challenging and encouraging eachother non-stop.  If you want to feel good and see what exercise really does....simply go watch a workout like this.  Even though you are on a team, you continue to cheer for others...we are all there to push ourselves and be better than we were yesterday!!!  Looking forward to a fall event!

Team FITFAMCREW rocked the workout and will be reunited on August 15th as we run through Foam Fest 2015!!

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