Sunday, 2 August 2015

Not Since Moses Recap

I've had this run on my bucket list for a few years.  I always seem to be training for something and scared to injure myself...not this year.  This is the year of FUN!!!

As taken from the Not Since Moses website....
 ""Say what? You are doing what? Running on the bottom of the Bay of Fundy while the tide is out? You gotta be kidding!" Nope, no joke, ... Not Since Moses is a run for the ages, all ages, including competitive runners and fast nervous walkers. 

Adults and teens can choose from two courses: a 5K which starts and finishes at Sand Point in Five Islands, Nova Scotia, running across a tidal river and out onto the exposed sea bed next to magnificent cliffs only seen by boat normally."

I set my alarm for the wee hours of Sunday morning.
Can you tell I set my alarm for all sorts
of races?
Mom was going with me to watch and it was a VERY early morning for both of us.  I mean...I think we are a little bit crazy to be in the car, travelling 2 hours, to participate.  The things we do to race...even Tim Hortons wasn't open yet in my neighbourhood. 
The race organizers had everything ready for the racers.  Because the race was so dependent on the tides, we had to start at a very specific time. Buses carried the runners to the start line to allow everyone to park in a ball field. 
Looking out as the tide continues to go out
The before picture

That rock is known as the Old Wife and we ran out past that.
The first part of the run was run on small pebbles/stones....then it quickly turned to mud as we ran through a little much fun.  The mud points causing people to become stuck, losing shoes, and even falling over.  My footwear of choice were my Vibram 5 Fingers and they stayed on amazing!  No slipping.  I have the trail kind with a thicker bottom so the small rocks didn't bother me and I only had minor sand in my them by the time we were done.

We ran 2.5k out to the turn around point and then back.  The cliffs were amazing!!!

Photo is from their website
I had thought about taking my phone with me but ended up not doing's a good thing!!!!!

As we came back, the mud had gotten even more mucky....and that's when it started flying....I think we reverted back to 5 year olds...we jumped in puddles, we kicked mud, we picked up and threw mud, and we ended up eating mud I think.  It was so much FUN!!!!    By the end, random strangers were asking to take our pictures and cheered us in.  There weren't many spots left on us that weren't covered...including our hair!!
That's how you run Not Since embrace it!!!
As we walked back to meet mom, she looked right at us as I waved...and then right past us.  She simply shook her head!  To clean off, we had to go back to the river and physically lay down in the current and let it do it's magic.  The current was actually a bit strong so Dave basically held my shoulders and shook me out like a towel.   LOL  His daughters were much cleaner than we were.

What time did I cross?  I have no idea!  LOL.  I think it was around 1 hour. took us an hour to do 5k?  Why?  Cause we walked/ran/played in the mud and I don't regret it one single bit!  This is one chip time that I have no time having up on the internet!!  It is a PR in terms of my slowest ever 5k...but that is what Not Since Moses is all about!

If you ever have the chance to travel to Nova Scotia and do this it!!  You will not regret running on the ocean floor and then watching the tide come in where you had just ran!  You do not have to get muddy like I did...only your sneakers and socks promise to get muddy....I just took it to a whole new level!!!  Now the challenge becomes sorting through all the marathon photos when they become available as my bib is unrecognizable!  LOL  Maybe they will just stick us in the 'muddy' category!!!

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  1. This face looks so fun and different! I'm glad you had a good time!