Thursday, 23 July 2015

Life Changes

It's funny how things happen for a reason.  A few weeks ago, it was plain ol' painful going to work.  I wasn't motivated, the drive was just awful...I had basically checked out of being present!  Then it happened....I go to work and get let go (we won't get into  A blessing in disguise.  I was almost a year to the day that I got laid of from my former employer...and bam...summer arrives and it happens again.  I wasn't panicking...I applied for jobs as they popped being an accountant at a local golf course.  I always saw posts from J over at SkinnyChickBlog and wished I had her views....bam...wish granted!!

I started yesterday.  I get to look at these views every day...
A rainy day...but this is the way to Hole #1
 My first 2 hours were spent riding around some of the golf course, seeing bunnies, and learning 0.01% of how they keep the greens and grounds so amazing.  We drove into the 'pit' and I saw 2 tractor tires...know what I said?  Oh wow "Can I flip those?".  Yup...the GM just looked at me like I was crazy.  LOL
Looking out over the practice range and the front of the clubhouse.
 Today was my 2nd day and I learned more of the 'office' work today.  We also had a tournament so I got to see how some of the organization went with that as well.
Granite Springs is the lone distributor of Loud Mouth Clothing.
Check out some of the Loudmouth gear here!  Crap....there are so many different designs...this can't be good for my wardrobe!  Runners....check out the arm sleeves under accessories....I mean HELLO!
I think this is where the Norway curling team gets their pants...if they don't...they should!!!

I really want to get on a golf cart and drive some more of the course...I think it will help me when talking with the members...wonder if I can talk the GM into letting me do that. Anyone want to join me?  I think we'd have a train of carts if that offer was's just so beautiful!  When debating on the job offer, I really had to think of what I wanted with my next job.  Were things such as prestige, more money, location, drive, etc the important aspects?  What weighed on my mind?  To be honest...this job may not be a huge mental challenge for me, but I am going to try and make it mine...taking on more as I can.  I enjoy the 25 minute drive to this beautiful space than to a concrete office building.  I go against traffic both!

What about my training?  Well right now, I'm nursing a very tight hamstring and something on the side of my calf really constantly!  I'm resting for a few days to see if it gets any better.  The good news is that my illolumbar ligament seems to be slowly healing itself.  This weekend is very busy but I hope to get a swim and a bike in at some point!

Thanks for checking in.

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  1. I'm glad your life changes are positive! Your new work environment sure is pretty!