Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Iliolumbar Ligament Problems

I've had this little nagging pain in my lower back for a while...you know that little hip bone that sticks out...yup....right by that.  The diagnosis? A slight ligament tear in my Iliolumbar.  It's really no big deal in terms of injuries.  How did I get it....I tweaked it doing burpees about 2 weeks ago.  I thought the slight pain should be gone by now, and when it wasn't...off to Dr. Thompson I went!

Dr. Thompson says it's actually a common injury but one that goes undiagnosed.
Out came the gadgets to help fix me up.  First the vibrating machine.... 
When they took this machine off, I still felt the vibrations
on my back.
Next up was the massage tool.  I have never had this particular item used on me in all my years of physio and chiro.  The first thought that comes to mind is a little scene from Sex in the City...gals...you know the one I'm talking about!  The 2nd thought....holy crap...that thing feels amazing...'Can you push a little harder on my right periformis?'
The summer student laughed as I took the picture.
After you get a diagnosis that DOESN'T keep you from working out, you eat!  I've been wanting to try out the Havenaro's bus and a take-out taco.  The guy working was great at walking me through the whole 'ordering' thing...yes...I know...it's not hard!!!

BBQ pulled pork taco with mango sour cream.
And then home to relax.  Dr. Thompson suggested ice at 8 minute intervals for the evening.  The faster we get the inflammation down, the sooner the ligament starts to heal itself.  So while I can still workout, bending over needs to be nil for a while.  I go back for a second treatment on Friday, but until then, you will find me in this position.....
8 minutes on, 8 minutes off
So, all in all....a good diagnosis for a slight injury.  Luckily I can still run as I have 6.4k on the schedule for tomorrow.  Until then...have a great night everyone!!!

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