Sunday, 12 July 2015

Weekly Training Update

So half marathon training started last week.  For anyone that has ever trained for a distance run, the first few runs are lower mileage and slowly build over time.  This week I had 3 6.4k (miles turned into kilometers never work out perfectly) and one 9.6k.  How did I do?

I hit 2 of the 6.4k runs and then my long run of 10k.
When I posted this picture on facebook, I got two responses....what do you guys think?  One reader said "tempo runs before long runs are a great idea as it teaches you to run on tired legs which happens during the longer races."  Another reader said "you should always leave a day of rest between a tempo and long run."  Usually I do #2...and today's long run was definitely harder than usual due to my tired legs.    Next week I have the exact same training schedule.  I may try and rest on Saturday before doing my long run.  Having said that, I find it hard to not run on Saturdays. 

As if training for a half marathon wasn't enough, I think I'm going to try and do a sprint triathlon in August.  I've wanted to do another one and the Porter's Lake Triathlon is a new one to the circuit so I might give it a tri (see what I did there).  I was watching the Ironman Kona yesterday and it always inspires me to do more and keep training. The race director of the Boston Marathon completed the Ironman this year....amazing!!! 

In anticipation, I found this book at Chapters the other night when I was there.
Love when I score books on the cheap table!
If I do the sprint triathlon, it will compliment the month of August well!

August 2 - Not Since Moses - a 5k run on the ocean floor
August 15 - 5k Foam Fest - Obstacle Course race
August 23 - Porter's Lake Triathlon

So I guess I really need to step up the bike and swim training!!  I know when I did the Try a Tri in February, my winter cross training really paid off during the arms just felt stronger!!

The one thing I do find difficult is that I like that I've put on more muscle but it makes running a little bit tougher.  This year, I am carrying around 8lbs of muscle that I didn't have last year and therefore my running times have slowed down a bit.  It's a fine balance I think...I need to work on that!

So there you have it, my training recap.  Next week I hope to have added at least one bike ride and swim.  Let's see if I can stay accountable to that!!!

Does any one have any summer goals that they are trying to hit?

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  1. Great job on your training! I am excited for your half marathon. I usually like to leave a day of rest or an easy running day in between hard workouts like long runs or speed work. I think it's because I tend to get injured easily, especially when my mileage increases.