Monday, 4 May 2015

What's the Diff???

As I trainer, I am exposed to soooooo many different types of fitness trends.  Just at 360Fit for example, we have the following:
  • We used to have a Spin Class but phased it out after declining attendance.  I find spin class is a personal either love it or hate it.
  • Power Yoga which currently sees good attendance.  Within yoga, there are many options available...from hot yoga to restorative to power. 
  • Zumba - I don't think I have ever seen this class at capacity.  Having said that...I've never tried it either.
  • Bootcamp - varying styles; from your traditional bootcamp to super hero to legs and abs.
  • Total Body
  • Tabata - a class centered around exercises in rotation of 20s active, 10s rest.
  • TRX
  • Personal Training with one on one or in small groups
  • Special Programs such as Running Clinics, Nutrition, and Core work

A body pump class offered at 360Fit - again a HIIT style workout
with short bursts of high intensity activity
And I'm not even mentioning all the at-home workouts people can now purchase.With all these different options available to people who want to become or stay healthy, how does one know which avenue they should use to train???  It's like cookies...if you have 50 different can't eat every one..even if you wanted you need to pick!

In recent years, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has gained in popularity.  These types of classes, including Crossfit, can use body weight or a variety of equipment at short bursts and high intensity.  An simple example of high intensity would be:
  • 100 squats
  • 100 pushups
  • 100 kettle bells swings
  • 100 situps
  • 100 box jumps
Complete the 5 exercises in the fastest time possible! The minute that I see "do as many as fast as you can"....I cringe.  And yes...I'm guilty of throwing it into my bootcamps from time to time but try to watch people's form!  I find that as soon as you add 'as fast as possible' throw the element of proper form out the window.  I mean...have you ever seen someone do a push-up where they are only doing about 1/2 the movement....they aren't going all the way down....or coming all the way back up?   What about squats where their knees are coming over their toes??  These are movements that are ripe for injury to occur. 

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Can this happen with traditional weight exercises?  Sure it can....but I find the new HIIT trend to see it a bit more as a time element is added and people become competitive.  Traditional weight training used to be 3 sets of one type of exercise 10-12 times and then move onto another.  Clients would rest in between the different weight machines, training only certain body parts on certain days.  With all the options available to clients these days, this seems like a rather boring option to me....we all need some excitement!!!

But back to the question...."which is the best option?"
Question Mark HD Wallpaper17
The answer?  There isn't one.  My belief as a trainer is that you need to mix it up.  The body will become accustomed to one type of workout and you will need to shock it from time to time in order to reach new levels of fitness.  Group classes aren't for everyone, but I find that the support that other members add isn't something you can get from a one-on-one session and keeps it interesting.  Working out is all about personal preference; if you enjoy what you are doing then you will stick with it. 

Here is an interesting article on Fitness Trending in 2015...check it out if you get a second.

No matter what form of exercise you choose, it's very important that your trainer/instructor corrects your form to ensure that you are achieving the most benefit at the least amount of risk.  And my advice to any gym member is to work at your own pace, concentrating on doing your movement correctly!!  Oh....and have fun!!!!!


  1. I really appreciated this post! I get so freaked out that I'm not doing the "best" exercises or something. I want to know my workouts are effective! I know HIIT or interval runs are better for burning fat (supposedly) and that makes me sad because I love running long but still want good health benefits! So I like hearing that really, we should stick with what works for us...If I try to stick with something I hate just for results, I'll give up on working out forever!

    1. You are so correct...if you hate won't stick to it. I think you do lots of little stuff with your core and such that works with your running!!! If it ain't broke...don't fix it girl!


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