Sunday, 3 May 2015

Run our Shore 2015 Recap

Race #2 is under my belt for 2015...and this one was 10k.  Have I run 10k yet this year you ask?  No I have fact...I have not run 10k since running my 1/2 in October.  My intention was to use this 10k as a training run only...take it nice and easy...well that didn't happen.  The minute I hear a starting gun and know my time is on the internet forever....taking it easy goes out the window!!!
Yesterday I was also asked to 'warm up the runners' before starting.  Now I don't know about you, but I am not a fan of this pre-warmup put on at the start.  I refuse to expend any more effort than I need to as I want to save it for the race.  Most times you get some trainer from a gym that runs you through a bunch of high energy jumping jacks or something...and I just move my arms to make it look like I am doing it.  I mean I feel bad that they are up there and no one is usually listening. 
Yesterday I decided to lead a minimal warm up and to incorporate running 'friendly' exercises.  I did some squats, some lunges, some leg swings and some mummy jacks.  3 minutes and we were done!!!
Before this point friend S and I went back and forth on what to looked like our closets in my car with multiple options available.  We both settled on a tank top, layered with a long sleeve shirt, ear protection, and throw away gloves. was May 2nd and we still required all those items!!!!
The race started promptly at 8:30am as planned (YAY) and we were off.  On the 1.5hour drive to the race start, I had described the course to S giving her fair warning of the couple of hills.  The only problem, once I started to run the course again, was that I may have forgotten about a couple of maybe 5!  Yup....It is a hilly course.  Now don't get me wrong...there is really only one 'big hill at the 8k mark...but there are definitely A LOT of long inclines!!!!  The breath taking water view along the first part of the course helps to make up for it!! ( pictures...I had my eye on the prize).
As I wound my way around the course...and up yet another hill...I kept looking at my garmin and questioning my pace.  There was no way I was sustaining the 5:30 pace over 10k....I'd die at some point.  I do admit that I probably walked 2-3 times...up the hill at 8k for sure!!!  The course was a little longer than 10k so I stopped my garmin at the 10k point for a true measurement.
Finished 11th over all and 2nd in my age category
I looked on the official chip timing results of last year vs this year.  Last year = 1.01 and this year = 57.02....I was floored...I does that happen when I haven't run 10k since October??  My thoughts?  I didn't put any pressure on myself....I just went out there and enjoyed it.  The course is totally in the country and spectators are few and far between but the community spirit is amazing!
Sorry for the sideways picture
I then did a small little chat at the reception about celebrating our successes and showing others that it's possible!!! 
Will I go back again next year? I'll no doubt forget about the many hills again and want to support a small race!!!  Great job to the organizers as it appeared to go off without a hitch.
S and I then took in the 100 mile yard sale on the way back home.  Look at these doozy sunglasses I found....from 1975 I think!!! 
And no....I didn't buy them.
Apparently our priorities weren't in order as by the time we came along, all the 'good' stuff was taken.  Buyers were out at 7am and we were just driving to the the time we were done (noon), sellers were starting to dwindle.  Note to self....yard sale before you run!! LOL
I think S now wants to run the 'Muffin Run' in June.  It's another small 5k race an hour from here with home made muffins at the reception....and I mean thousands of home made muffins.  All the ladies of the historic town get together and bake muffins for all the finishers....they are really quite yummy!!!  This year, a para-Olympian is going to be doing the race....starting out 3 minutes ahead of the runners and hoping to finish in 13 minutes.  WOW!!  Stay tuned to see if I run that race!
Question for you participate in the pre-race warm up that often comes with races???


  1. WOW, well done! You've become such a fast runner!!

    Warm ups definitely help me run a faster race; I warm up for shorter races but not usually for longer ones.

    1. I'm still learning to benefit from the warm up.

  2. Congrats on a new PB! I feel the same way about the warm up and most of the time I can't even see the person who's doing it so I have no idea what the exercise actually is, lol.

    1. So true about not seeing the person....and usually you can't hear them either.

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