Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Celebrate your Successes!!!

This past weekend I did a motivational chat after the Run Our Shore race.  I struggled with what to chat about this year as last year I covered 'Overcoming Fear and reaching your goals'.  There were over 125 runners anticipated to attend and I wasn't sure that they'd appreciate awkward poop stories.  LOL
 And then I was at the gym and a member was talking to me about the gains they have made.  They made the comment that they didn't want to 'post' about it for a variety of reasons...but the main reason was that they didn't want to appear to be bragging or to be that 'crazy' friend.  This hadn't been the first member or one of my friends that had said this to me in the past several weeks. And so began the topic of my chat...celebrating our success!!!! 
When I started running 6 years ago (gosh...where has the time gone), I never would have thought that I could inspire or help any one reach their goals.  I mean, I couldn't run around the block without stopping or gasping for breath.  6 years later, and it's a bit of a different story.  Just by celebrating my own wins, I was able to show others that it was possible...that even the tiniest of steps gets you that much closer to your goal.  Many of us aren't out to inspire others intentionally...we'll leave that to Tony Robins....but simply by doing what we love...we do inspire.  Our passion carries across pages, posts, tweets, and texts!
And granted, not often do we put our 'bad' runs or training on social media...but know it's there...we are all human...and those 'bad' days happen.  If they didn't, how would we really appreciate all the good days that we have.

The crowd laughed at the reception when I mentioned that my PB was already posted on facebook, instagram, and twitter...LOL.  But that's how I roll!  It's refreshing to look back in my feeds and see where I was a year ago....and celebrate those gains!!!
So I'm here to tell you....be PROUD of all your accomplishments...no matter the size...for each one is creating a better you than you were yesterday.  You are taking one step closer to a goal you have set for yourself!!!

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