Friday, 4 July 2014

Spin Class Review

Thursday night saw me trying out another new type of workout....a spin class.

I hate to admit - but the last 2 turns did not happen last night!
I've heard so many good things about spin classes...Hungry Runner Girl has spoken of them often with such enthusiasm...what was to fear?  As you know, my biking needs work for the triathlon so this was the perfect opportunity.  I was the first to arrive and was greeted by this:

The instructor was very helpful in getting the bikes set up properly for everyone and was high energy...a prerequisite to spin class I think.  She walked us through all the terminology, and taught us how to come out of the saddle (bike seat) properly.  Then she proceeded to hook up the music...90's play list baby!  Oh yea...another prerequisite for spin class.
I never knew there could be so many 'turns' in the tension knob!  I learned very quickly to turn it only a tiny bit at a time....and yes....even pretend to turn it.  LOL
Sorry for the poor quality, the lights were really dim.
This is the last part of the class where we were stretching our calf muscles.

As we cooled down, the instructor passed out freezing face clothes to cool off with...super refreshing!!  I have to admit that while I was out of the saddle and completing the sprints, the legs were burning!!!  I feared that today I'd be sore, but I'm not.  The instructor gave us a beginner class and I'll admit to swearing more than once but the music kept me smiling!!
Would I recommend this to others?  YES - I think this is a fantastic alternative to actual biking and gives one heck of a workout.  Someone mentioned that a 40 minute class is equal to about 1.5 hours on an actual bike as there is NO coasting in a class.'s definitely not like riding a stationary bike at a gym...there isn't a second to become bored!
Will I go again?  YES - I'd love to talk a group of us into going as I believe the instructor will do group classes and it would be so fun to push each other through a class.
I'd like to thank Cyclone Fitness for reaching out to us and offering this class to finish our Organ Grinder training.  If you live in Halifax, NS - I highly suggest checking them out!

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