Saturday, 5 July 2014

Summer Bucket List

It's been a while since I wrote down my goals...high time to start again I think.  In my motivational talks, I tell the crowds to write down their dreams...only then do they become goals and something you can work towards!!!  Here are a few summer bucket list items that I'd like to check off.

 Starting from the bottom and working up:
  • Increase time in open water - this goes along with completing another Sprint Triathlon.  I'm aiming for Bridgetown in August which means I have a month to get more time in the open water.  I also have to get comfortable without a wetsuit as chances are that the Bridgetown swim will require me to swim without it.
  • Plan for autumn bootcamp classes - I'm going to reach out to rental space in the neighbourhood to see if I can hold a bootcamp once or twice a week.
  • Visit York Redoubt and Victoria Park - these are two parks fairly close to where I live and I've never taken the opportunity to visit them.  I am staying home during my vacation time and am going to make these a priority this year.
Victoria Park, Truro, NS
  • Bike to the Bike-n-Bean - this is a little café a 15km bike ride away.  I'd like to bike to the café, have a little snack, and bike back.  Again...the trail is right in my backyard so-to-speak but I've never taken it this far out.  I have ensured the bikes are all tuned it's time for pedal to the medal.
  • Hike the Bluff Trail - This is a hiking trail that surrounds a local lake that usually takes about 3 hours to hike the small loop.  I have gone only so far as there is a sign that says "Beware of bear and moose."  I've always stopped at this sign...chicken...I know!  This is the summer that I ignore common sense and hike the whole loop.
Not included in the picture, but on my list is to do some more trail running and to learn to paddle board!!
So those are my summer bucket list/goals thus far.  Do you have any goals or things you'd like to do during the next 2 months??


  1. Those are some fun summer plans! I plan on relaxing and working contradicting as that

    1. I think those are perfect summer plans...especially after the busy school year you've had!

  2. What a great bunch of plans for summer...It'll definitely keep you busy and fit!

  3. The Bluff Trail is awesome! I love how it changes (terrain, surroundings, the view!!!) - you'll love it!