Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Bedford 5k - A PB for me!

Happy Canada Day!

As you know, this weekend was a busy race weekend for me.  EPIC on Saturday and then the Bedford 5k on Sunday.  I wasn't sure of my race plans given the back to back races; would I run one slow, both slow, or both fast???  With the heat and the hills, EPIC gave me a challenge...add the 1km swim in the afternoon and my legs were LEAD as I warmed up Sunday morning.

J and I had discussed my plan....5:40, 5:30, 5:20, 5:10, and 5:00 for each kilometer.  Secretly I giggled when he said 5:00 in the last kilometer.  This is not a chip timed event (they use popcicle sticks) so I relied on my garmin to give me the finishing time.  The route was a bit confusing this year as people were going 2 different ways.  Luckily they both measured the same and no harm was done.  And yes...I've done this race 4 times before and every year its a little bit different...hence the confusion I think.  In the end, PB for me!  YAY!!!  My last kilometer actually measured 4.52/km. 
The pain on my face says it all!
And what would a race be without someone dressed up??  This guy dresses like this for all the races...I know him only as 'The mask' but darn it...he's fast!
This race hands out the exact same medal year over year...so that's kind of boring...but the route and the cause are great so I continue to sign up.  This year was kind of neat as there were several TTP running and I got to high 5 them as they went past (being that I was the slowest of them all).  I love seeing people on the course that I know as it seems to push me harder! 
Great job everyone....until next Canada weekend...when I shall repeat it all over again!!


  1. Great job on your PB! That mask guy was insanely fast and I could not even come close to catching up to him! I'm surprised he didn't melt away wearing all those clothes.

    1. I have no idea how he runs so fast in all those clothes or the heat...it's nuts!