Saturday, 28 June 2014

Epic Double in a Day's been a busy day!  Today was the EPIC Double in a Day Race.  This meant a 5k run this morning, followed by a 1 km open water swim this afternoon.  This was not the only option for double in a day.  Participants could have run a 10k run followed by the 5k this morning to also be considered a 'Double in a Day' participant.

I woke up at 6am this morning to amazing temperatures. rain.  If you check my update from last see that the weather was the exact opposite.  Arriving early meant I saw the start of the 10k and some TTPers fly past me.

One of the things I look forward to each year is seeing who the EPIC Canadians are as voted by the participants.  These individuals mark the kilometers all over the route!!

As 9:30 neared, I could tell it was going to be a warm one.  And I was right.  There is a long hill for the first 2k...and even though I know it's still kicks my butt.  I could hear people behind me asking when the down hill kicked in.  LOL

As I neared 2.5k, a lady came up beside me and asked what time I wanted to finish, to which I replied "27 minutes."  "Oh great" she said "I need a pace bunny!"  Oh crap...that means I really do need to keep my pace going at this rate...crap...crap...crap.  In the last 500 meters, I told her to just give 'er and finish strong!  She did just that and came in just slightly under 27 minutes I believe.  My garmin read 27.01 which I'm happy with given the heat and the long 2k uphill climb. (Chip timing has 27.02)

Who doesn't love snow cones at the end of a HOT race! WINNER in my book!
A quick trip home to grab something to eat and then back to the lake for the 1 kilometer open swim.  I wrestled with wearing my wet suit as the lake was 20 degrees which meant wetsuits were optional.  As I talked with others, I decided that a wetsuit would be an added benefit as it helped me float easier.  As I registered, they gave me 2 swim caps, a bottle of sunscreen, and I got 'numbered' again. (always cool in my books).  As the 5k and 2k swimmers took off...I looked out over the buoy sure did look a LONG way away!!!  400 meters, turn left and swim 100 meters, turn left again and head home.  I have to admit, I was scared!  I was even more scared once we took off and I was at the back of the pack...scared to get kicked in the face by other swimmers...scared to not being able to make it.  There were lifeguards near by that followed fairly closely to the swimmers which felt reassuring.  BUT....I was in the middle of a lake...nothing near by to grab hold swimmers really close (although I did pass 2), and a long way to swim.  My mantra once again was "You've got this!"  I may not swim fast, but I can swim and it got me to the finish line today!!

My caps displayed on my 'relaxing pool' and my clothesline drying
out my towels and wetsuit.
One of the hardest parts for me was not paying attention to those around me.  I used to be a lifeguard and the instinct has never really left me so I was always aware of those few swimmers around me.  There were a couple that I had my eyes on and kept within my sight as they seemed to struggle a bit.  I know it wasn't my job today...but I still had it in the back of my mind!

The swim could not have asked for better weather.  The lake was perfect!!  Again...only practice is going to make me more comfortable doing this type of activity but today I am glad that I stepped outside of my comfort zone and did something new!! 

This race is an excellent race!!  The organizers do an excellent job starting on time, making sure there is anything a participant could want, and the medals rock!  Two different medals for todays race....I'll take that!!!
Love my new pays to know the race director sometimes. :-)
Just remember....that you are all capable of accomplishing something new....just make up your mind to take that step and try.  Oh...and never under estimate the power of believing in will help you overcome your fears...and push you to do amazing things!!!!
Have you ever done something that you were terrified to do?  How did you feel after?


  1. That is SO cool! Congratulations!! Nice job on the swim!!!

    1. Thanks was a bit terrifying...but I got 'er done!

  2. Great race! Snow cones after would be an amazing treat!

    1. They were super yummy....almost as good as the ice cream at MRW!

  3. Great job!! Congrats! How did you find the wetsuit in the end? Wasn't too warm?

    1. I was so glad I had the wetsuit on....I think I would have found it a bit chilly had I not!