Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Wishing Time Away

I was reminiscing with a co-worker today about summers before we were working.  Do you remember those days when you hung out with friends and wished you were older?  My typical summer day went something like this:

I'd be at my nan's while my mom worked.  I'd bike to swimming lessons...a whole 8 minutes by bike away.  An hour swimming lesson and then back to nan's to lay on the deck and warm up.  Nan would make me lunch, and then I'd be back to the pool for open swim with my friends.  Another 2 hours spent in the water and then back home for supper.  I repeated this for many years, day after day.  And then I turned 16....and guess what?  I worked as a lifeguard at the same pool.  BEST SUMMER EVER!! 

At the time though, we were wishing we were older and could do more.  You know...have no curfew, have our own cars, etc...the things that every teenager wants. 

Hind sight is 20/20...those were the best days.  No real commitments, no debt, no mortgage/rent...just earning some spending cash and enjoying the summers.  Boy...how I miss those days!!  Why is it that we are never satisfied?  I now have no curfew, have my own car, my own space, my own rules....and I want to go back to being 15 again...laying on the pool deck for 2 hours every day, my biggest worry being if it would rain the next day.  Even if I take a vacation and lay by a pool/lake for 2 hours a day...my mind never settles...it just isn't the same.  Growing up isn't what it's cracked up to be!

Do you have any particular great memories as a child for summer vacation?  Do you agree with the above picture??


  1. I loved running through the sprinklers and catching fireflies. The best was when there were meteor showers, we would set up tents on our back porch and sleep outside to watch.

    1. You know I only saw my first firefly 2 years ago....so cool!!