Friday, 27 June 2014

360 Fit - Dont' Fight the Awesome

I am excited....3 hours after entering 360 Fit and I am still pumped up with so many exercise endorphins running through my body!  You see, today is my first day of vacation and I decided to start it off right....a workout with a good trainer friend, Peter.  Just so happens another trainer, Arlene, joined in on the fun!  I walked into 360 Fit and Peter was pulling our workout together; kettlebell swings, TRX, sandbags, sprints...holy crap! 

 As Arlene walked in, I was a ball of energy...she was still waking up..."What are you on?" was her first question.  LOL  Pete knows me well and just brushed it aside.  Hehe.  These are the boxes you see as you enter.
This picture says it all!
Pete had us warm up with some TRX & Kettlebell work....only 15 of each he said x 3 sets.  HA!  Arlene and I made an executive decision and dropped it to 10.

It's amazing what happens when you put 3 athletes together in a room for a workout.  All of a sudden you have a silent, friendly competition going on.  None of us wanted to give up or admit we kept pushing ourselves.  It would have been so easy at 8 reps to have said 'enough' but when the person beside you is still going and tells you to do the same...well damn keep going and grunt out the last couple reps!!

Next we moved onto running sprints with the rubber band.  I had seen Peter doing this with another client and remarked how fun it looked.  I should have known that Peter doesn't do fun...he does HARD.  This was the hardest 30 seconds of cardio that I've done in a long time.  Was it fun...probably...although all I remember was wanting to be sick!  I kept reminding Pete that I have a 5k race tomorrow, a 1km swim in the afternoon tomorrow, and another 5k race on Sunday...please don't kill me!

I was still thinking this was a good idea at this point

Arlene and I both had to hold Peter.
We were basically water skiing behind a powerful boat!
At this point I was done.  Arlene laughed as she was now the one with all the energy and I was swearing...a total personality switch. I thought we might be done with cardio...but no....then we moved onto sandbag burpees & squats followed by sprints.  The result?
And this is not staged...this was pure...holy crap!
Our final destination was some core work...and then group photos.  LOL 

 There were high 5's all around as we finished...excellent workout...and I got so many new ideas!  Again...when you get a room full of many ideas fly around!  I left smiling...which always happens after a good workout!  360 Fit is an amazing space with 4 different workout a playground for big kids. :-)  I honestly wanted to spend the day just doing/watching classes and filling my head with knowledge!  Not only do the trainers help clients but you'll see them taking each others classes, sweating and working right beside you.  The motto of the club is DON'T FIGHT THE AWESOME...and I couldn't agree more!  Just know....I'll be back!


  1. Love this post. 360 Fit is AWESOME! Classes are fun. I am hoping to be back in the fall, all depends on my torn meniscus and when it gets fixed :)

    1. Thanks first time being much positive energy. Hope to see you back...stronger than ever!

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