Saturday, 12 April 2014

Organ Grinders, Investing in Me, and a PB

Happy Weekend Everyone...I can't believe it's the 2nd weekend of April already!!

A lot has been going on this week.  On Wednesday, CBC news did a little piece on the Transplant Athletes.  They are called the Organ Grinders and we did a mini workout with them while CBC filmed it.    You can catch the footage at this link: ... just fast forward to 18:04.  Apparently, it's now been run on the 24 hour news channel as I have friends out west emailing me. :-)

Then a local race director came to visit the TTP run on Thursday night.  She brought lots of swag to give away and we had the LARGEST turn out for the group yet.  We kind of took over the school parking apologies to the parents giving us the mean looks.

For a while now, I've been debating on taking some type of course as I always like to keep learning.  Well Thursday I made the decision, and I am starting a fitness and nutrition course this weekend.  It will take me about 3 months to finish and will allow me to be a personal trainer when I am finished.  I am really excited to learn more of the nutrition side of things and to be able to help people meal plan as well as give fitness plans.  I have to invest in myself if I want others to trust me with their fitness!!!

And finally, today was the first official chip timed event of the year....the Atlantic Credit Union Lung Run.  J and I registered a few months ago and have run this race before.  It is a great course...nice and flat which can lead to fantastic times along with great volunteers and an amazing reception (think beer).  J said he was going to run with me...I did not like this idea as he usually makes me laugh or something when we run together.  I told him not to talk to me at shouting out pace times...NOTHING!!  He asked me what my plan was.  I said I wanted to do 5.40 for the first 2km...then 5.30 for 2 kms, then drop to 5:25 for the final km.  This would leave me just under 28 minutes which is where I wanted to be.  I felt good as we set out and we were ahead of pace at the 2km mark.  I continued to push it a bit and were again ahead of pace for the next 2 kms.  I had a bit left and we pushed it for the final km.  Jason started the encouragement the last 500m and all I kept saying was 'shut up'.  I'm not very nice when I'm pushing my pace...LOL  As I got closer to the finish line I realized I was well ahead of my goal...and in fact...I was way under my personal best.  I was in disbelief.

My splits ended up being:
1 km      5.36
2 km      5.20
3 km      5.21
4 km      5.16
5 km      4.57

Total time:  26.29 - PERSONAL BEST!! YAHOO!!!

I did not have any ITB pain...I did a few things different this race. The #1 difference was that I did a slight warm up before hand along with some glute exercises.  Looks like this might become a regular thing.  Today was one of those days that everything felt great; temperature, feet, breathing....all good!!!  I also realized that I can't underestimate myself...I have kind of told myself that I might never be a 'fast' runner...and I'm okay with that.  However, today I had the nicest compliment from a fellow runner (as I passed her).  She said "you are a really good runner."  Now I know I'm not a really good runner....but it was still a really nice compliment!!!

Tomorrow is the TTP group tutu run in support of cancer research.  I've made 3 tutus for the group...including a nice blue one for of the guys.  I love the sense of community that the TTP have...everyone comes together for sure!

I hope you're having a fantastic weekend so far.  Remember to push your limits and believe in are capable of more than you think!!!!


  1. Congrats on your shiny new PR! Definitely something to celebrate. :D

  2. I'm so tempted to take a course like that, but I have no idea if I'd actually be any good at personal training. I guess it would be a mix of teaching and fitness, so maybe it's a good fit for me!

    Congrats on your PR! So speedy!

  3. That's awesome! You're famous now :) Congrats on your new PR! Whoo hooo! And good luck with the new course. I am taking a marathon coaching course right now & eventually I want to take a nutrition one as well. It's so much work but so worth it! Have a great week!