Saturday, 19 April 2014

Progress, Not Perfection!!

Happy Easter Weekend to all my readers!!!

I've been listening to Jillian Michael's podcasts recently and this line sticks with me. "You wouldn't slash your other 3 tires just because you have a flat."  EXACTLY!!!  People.....don't give up just because you have an off day!! 

This comes at a perfect time...It's Easter...that means the bunny has come to visit and brought with it my weakness....chocolate!!!  I can't resist that sweet taste as my taste buds get a sense of the milk chocolate as it melts in my mouth.  Man....that is yummy!!

The bunny also knows I like flashy nail polish
to wear when I run races.
Ferro Rocher's have they are kind of healthy, right?  My point is that this weekend will be a definitely lapse in any type of healthy eating that I've been trying to maintain.  On the plus side, I have been doing some workout video's for the Organ Grinders so getting some fitness in as well.

Those of you who are out there starting a new program, you need to remember that it took you months/years to get out of shape, and it is not going to instantly come off.  You are going to need to put the work in and be patient.  I was chatting with mom this weekend and she has been working out for about 2 months now.  She is just starting to really see a change in her body.  I know this can be frustrating for many and you want to give up....but you need to remember PROGRESS not PERFECTION!!!!

As we did base-line testing with the Organ Grinders, we needed to remind them that they will probably see great progress the first few weeks, then hit a plateau where we will need to change it up a bit for them to continue to see progress.  I think we have a fairly competitive group and pushing eachother is going to be the easy part.   Check out this local newspaper article about the group we are working with. 

Heather from Girl Goes Running is running the Boston Marathon on Monday.  Her princess is staying with me while her mommy and daddy are running....check out the princess helping me do my stretches last night.

I hope each of you has a great Saturday.  Tomorrow I am holding a cross training session with a few people in the school yard...I will try to snap a few pictures of our workout for you.

How do you feel if you have a slip up on your training plan???


  1. I miss my princess but thank u for taking care of her!!!! :)

  2. Love your message. Drives me bonkers hearing people complain that the weight or such is not coming off fast enough etc....

    I feel like crap when I slip but I know these things can happen. I just pick myself up off the floor and go!

    1. I agree many people want an instant fix. I want to shout at them that it's a lifestyle change!!!!