Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Finally - Nice Weather & Fitness Blender.com

Yesterday was a G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!!  I mean it was sunny and it was warm....+9 Celsius or so (which equates to about 48 for your Fahrenheit folks).  All day, while I was at work, I was getting notifications from Facebook saying my friends were outside enjoying the beautiful weather.  With each 'ding' of my cell phone, the crankier I became!  I seriously think employers should let employees enjoy a sunny afternoon...especially after the winter we've had!  Who's up for working on rainy days and enjoying sunny days work free???  ME!!!!

As soon as I got home....I peeled off the work clothes and put on capris and a long sleeve shirt!
I overdressed....I can't believe I just said that...and no pain!
Yay to glute exercises.
 Later in the evening I made a tutu for our Tutu run for Sunday.  The TTP group is running in tutu's to show our support for the women that were mocked by SELF magazine.  We will also be donating money to a local charity.

Today as I was driving to work, a song came on the radio and I realized....this is my THEME song.  That's right....this is how I want every day to feel.  I was car dancing as it played...then I was office dancing as it came on the radio. 

Tonight, after supper I went on Fitness Blenders to find an arm workout to do.  They have so many workouts so it was hard to choose.   I chose the one below...and my arms are spaghetti as I try to type this blog.
If you've never been to their site...you must go now!!!

And finally....I've been wanting a slam ball for a while (thanks to watching countless episodes of the Biggest Loser).  So off to Spartan Fitness I went.  I ended up coming home with a Sandbell.  It's like a big flat sandbag.  I'm going to be slamming this baby into the floor on a regular basis!!!  I'm pretty sure that I can set up a permanent circuit training workout in the spare room.  Need to look into that ASAP!!!

And tomorrow is Wednesday....I can't help but laugh at this commercial every time I see it....Have a great HUMP day everyone.  We kick off the Transplant Games training tomorrow!  YAHOO!!!!!
Do you have a theme song???
Do you have a favorite commercial??  Send me the link...I want to watch!!!


  1. Finally some warm weather! I really like the colors of your tutu!!!

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