Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Double Run Day for me!

Today was a double run day for me.  I haven't run since the Lucky 7 Relay and wanted to get out and get some straight running on my feet.  I did a solid 4k at a relaxed pace of 6 minutes/km and then ran/walked with the Tundra Pounders later in the evening.  The temperature dropped between the two runs but it was a beautiful day for a run.  I have successfully completed the Runovember challenge with over 48km under my belt.  I might see if I can reach 75 as a personal goal for the month.  There are a couple of runners in the group who have their names on 100km certificates (and it's only Nov.19th)!

Bottom run was done earlier in the day.  Top run was
completed with the Tundra Pounders in the evening.
After a solid day of some running, Chicken Nachos were calling my name.  So easy and satisfied the craving that I've been having for a couple of days now.  YUMMY!!!

Nachos for supper.  YUM
I'm really struggling with this 'working 5 days a week thing'...I really think a 4 day work week, 3 day weekend would be so much better of a balance!!!!  I am so envious of people who can work from home and multitask during the day!!!!
Thanks for stopping by to say HI.
The Santa Shuffle is Dec.7th and I can't wait to run with the Tundra Pounders!!!!


  1. I am so craving nachos too! Must be the salty goodness. :D

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