Sunday, 17 November 2013

Lucky 7 Relay Weekend

Happy Sunday everyone....and you know what that's run time!!!

TTP News - I placed the Tundra Pounders clothing order on Friday, with delivery expected Nov. 29th.  The group ordered a whopping total of 87 pieces. Timberlea and upcoming races (ie..the Santa Shuffle on Dec.7th) aren't going to know what hit them!!!  The group is doing fantastic in their weekly running moving up to running 2.5 minutes, walking 1 minute yesterday.
Only I would decide to run/walk 5k with the intermediate group
and then another 3k with a beginner group the day before a 7k race.

The group is doing great with the Runovember Challenge as well.  Many have already hit the target and are shooting for 100km.  I am lagging a bit behind but yesterdays run, coupled with today's race has moved me up a bit. 

Today was the Lucky 7 Relay Race.....a 1/2 marathon split into a 3 person team race.  Yesterday Heather and I went in early and picked up our team's (Swift Bloggers) race kits.  Erin from Swiftfox was travelling from PEI as captain of our team.
I then came home and finished making our team shirts.  They did not turn out like I had hoped as I couldn't find the clear transparencies and had to use white ones.  Oh well...they are just for fun, right?
It's super easy to do as long as you have access to an inkjet printer.
  1. Make your design in Word or something similar on your computer.
  2. Print on the transfer paper.
  3. Iron on the shirts

We each wore a pink tuto to compliment the outfit.   I ran the first leg of the relay which started at 9am.  It was super foggy and damp/cold outside and I knew that layers would be my friend.  My plan was to run/walk to save my knee and complete the entire race without pain.  Mission accomplished.  K caught up with me around lap #3 and we finished the race together.  It was nice having it done but at the same time, chilly waiting for the others to finish.  All of the medals fit together to create a circle at the end...pretty cool.  My time was 47.48 and I feel like I need a disclaimer that says "I ran a minute slower per kilometer due to ITB pain."  Why do I need to do that?  I had a blast...and that is all that counts!!!

Oh...and Erin...being our captain and all...gave Heather and I these cool gift bags at the start that had everything a runner could need; lip chap, a noise maker, candy, mini gloves, and Kleenex.  Thanks so much Erin!!!!!

This is definitely a run I'll do again.  It's flat and really neat to see your teammates over 4 times as you pass them.  Great job once again to United by Running!!!!!

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