Thursday, 21 November 2013

Slow Cooker Chili and Winter Running

First....let me share with you a picture from the Lucky 7 Relay on Sunday.  I was having way too much fun....obviously not running my heart out. (sorry it's a bit blurry)

It seems that winter is starting to show it's cold temperatures here in NS.  Yesterday felt like -8 degrees celius.  This pushed me to look for some cold weather options for my winter runs.  Guess where I went?  The Dollar Store...yes...that's right....the dollar store. Erin mentioned on Sunday that is where she bought some items.  I bought the leg warmers seen below and a balaclava (for ages 7-14). 

I wore the leg warmers tonight...and it's nice to have the extra layer over my running tights.  The group ran just about 5k tonight at a nice steady run/walk pace.  I had a stitch the entire way which I don't understand as I wasn't really pushing myself.

As we ran through the neighbourhood, more and more Christmas lights are showing up and it makes me smile as I run past.  I can't imagine what it will be like the week before Christmas.  Anyways....I came home and light my fir tree smelling candle.
And then I chopped and fried all the ingredients needed for slow cooker chili.  I'm putting it on tonight so that it's all warm and delish for me to take as my lunch.
Oh...and last night I had my 2nd physio appointment.  Joel increased my exercises to include some resistance and weights.  He then added some heat before doing some manual stretching. 
What?  Don't you play candy crush while waiting for
time to pass at physio????
Okay....I think I've bored you enough....LOL....and I have to go do my exercises now.  Thanks for stopping by and make sure you remember to STRETCH after running.  So important!!!!!


  1. I just bought the ingredients today for Taco Soup! I'm making it tomorrow :)

  2. Mmmm, chili. Especially in the slow cooker because it's so darn easy. I also am loving the Christmas lights as I run by, I need to get some for our house!