Sunday, 6 October 2013

So Much to Share.....

Its noon time on Sunday already!! How does that happen?  The weekdays draaaaagggggg on and the weekends fly by!

Yesterday my auntie started working at Pier 1 and so I just HAD to go support her!!!  Look what she twisted my arm into buying!

I smile when I look at the mug!  I'm using the table
right now to blog!!!!
I told you yesterday that I was going to decorate for autumn/Halloween.  I'm not quite finished, but here is what I have so far!  Check out the sign on the telephone pole!
The cat lights up, and the bottom of the parking sign says
"All others with be toad"
Then I had coffee with a friend/old coworker.  We met 5 years ago and instantly clicked!  She just got back from doing a 2 week tour in the Greek Islands!  After seeing her pictures and hearing the stories, it`s definitely on my bucket list.

We talked for 2 hours and didn`t even realize it.  That just means we need to get together more often!!
This morning I got up and was meandering through the web when I found `Walmart people`on pinterest.  Now, I don't live in the US...and have never come across people to this degree in Nova I'm wondering....are these real?  Have any of my fellow bloggers come across people in walmart dressed like this??

After my breaky had settled, I decided to cross another running trail off my list.  I drove to a nearby community to run what I thought was a longish trail.  Here are some scenes:


This last picture is a tunnel that you run through.  The run ended up only being 4k in total which is a good thing because my left knee/ITB started giving me issues at about this point.  I also misjudged the elevation changes on the trail.  I thought it was mostly flat. Nope....rolling hills throughout most of it!  Oh's another one crossed off my list that I wanted to try!
It was cool enough this morning that I actually wore my tiny gloves and this headband to keep my ears warm.   And this is my take on a familiar saying.......

 Oh....I forgot to tell you, just as I started my run, my phone rang and it was Heather from Girl Goes Running.  She usually only calls (we're texters) when something is wrong!  And something was wrong...she was out for her run and got stung by a bee....her first time ever!  Now, I don't know about any of you, but getting stung by a bee hurts like a mother!  I told her to go home and put butter on it as it would take the sting out of it.  But the die-hard runner that she is, she chose to finish her 12 miler before applying first aid!!!  LOL...No wonder she wins marathons!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and take time to relax before your work week starts up again!!!!!


  1. I recognize that trail ;) Great run! That's for the First aid over the phone!!! I knew you would know what to do....LOL.

    1. It was a cool but great morning for a run. Whenever I see your name pop up on my phone, I go 'uh oh'. LOL

  2. I love the decorations and what a beautiful route to run! :-)