Thursday, 12 September 2013

Maritime Race Weekend

Hi Everyone,

Maritime Race weekend starts tomorrow.....and so does tropical storm Gabrielle.

In Bermuda, Gabrielle caused several power outages overnight, but no major damage was reported on the British territory.
Just in time for the Friday evening 5k run

These poor race organizers.  If you remember back to the Soul Sisters race in June....Tropical Storm Andrea hit the metro area.  These are the same race organizers!!!  And they have one more race coming up in November...the Lucky 7 Relay.  I hold no hope for nice weather for that one either...I mean 3rd time is the charm...right?  Here is the race garb that Heather picked up for me today. 

This race is a little bittersweet as this is the race I had scheduled to be my first 1/2.  Despite my best efforts, it just wasn't to be.  I could be very mad....but instead, I am choosing to be part of the event and enjoy myself at the 5k.  Having said that, this week has been a complete rest week for me.  I've been stretching and rolling every day to ensure that I can complete the 5k without pain.  I have also started taping my right Achilles and shin to help alleviate some of the pain I'm feeling there.  I found this great site that shows how to use KT tape to aid in recovery.

On a different note, I often find it hard to cook for one during the week.  For example, I made a batch of burrito mix on Tuesday night....and I'm still eating it.  Now don't get me wrong, it's very yummy....but I'm getting tired of it.  I think I need to start holding dinner parties or something.

And one final picture.....this cutie is coming to stay over Saturday night....and then I have her for a week the week after next.  I cannot might not get her back.  LOL   I will try and get some video of her and Indy playing as she literally tries to give him hugs!!!  This face just makes me smile!

And don't worry,  I'll be back Saturday with a full race recap.


  1. Good luck with the 5k! Pain-free vibes headed your way!

    I can't wait to see photos, I hope it's not too blustery!

  2. I told my principal that if I don't show up to work on Monday, I blew away! LOL.

    Have a great run and I'll see you there!