Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Weekend Shananigans

This past weekend didn't see very much exercise.  I ran with the 'Learn to Run' group...who are now up to 6 minutes running, 1 minute walking...and they did awesome!  As I was finishing up, I got a text from runners who were doing 6k "We found a lost dog, and don't know what to do".

Off I went.  Did I have a leash?  Nope....so I took my TRX apart.  LOL
I named him 'Buddy'
For about 4 hours, I posted on facebook, called animal control, and our local lost dog network searching for his owners.  He was so well behaved with my zoo....and the cats took to him right away.  Just as animal control was on their way, the owners contacted the Lost Dog Network...and we connected right away.  "Strider" had wondered almost 10km from home!  I find it kind of ironic that runners found Strider...you know...cause of strides...okay...lame I know.  Anyways...by 2pm, Strider was reunited and everyone was so happy!

Move onto later in the day, and this happened:
Getting it on your foot hurts A LOT
Back in 2014 when I did my first triathlon, I knew I wanted a tattoo but told myself I wanted to do more than just the one...to prove it wasn't a fluke.  Fast forward a couple of years and with a couple more Try-a-Tri's under my belt, I felt like I could 'brand' myself and feel I had earned it.  It just so happens that the EPIC had this in the race kit and I fell in love!  It literally took about 10 minutes and the tattoo artist was hilarious.  He had me laughing and almost crying in the same minute!  Getting the tattoo on my foot means no running for at least 6-7 days until it heals up...cue sad music.

Oh....and my pool was set up Friday night so that I could relax and enjoy it on Saturday in the hot & humid day!
Safety first with the pool noodle!  Some day I'll have a real one.
So as you can see, the weekend didn't really get me moving or burn many calories but it was just what I needed!  July is winding down fast and before you know it, we'll be hitting August.  Time to start goal setting for my month off!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!