Tuesday, 2 December 2014

I Moustache You Some Questions

Heather over at Girl Goes Running tagged me in this little survey.  I thought it might be fun to share these answers with you...you know...cause I haven't written about anything else in a while.

4 Names People Call Me, Other Than My Real Name:
  1. When I was younger, I was called Toad by my dad.
  2. Then I got Shortney because I was tinier than others.
  3. Court
  4. Drill Sergeant - LOL...this seems to be the name that members of the gym are giving me.
4 Jobs I've Had:
  1. Lifeguard when I was 16 - honestly the best summer ever
  2. Cashier at my home town Pharmasave
  3. Dishwasher - my first job
  4. Numerous accounting related jobs
4 Movies I've Watched More Than Once
  1. Pretty Woman - like 15 times
  2. The Holiday - every holiday season
  3. Friends with Benefits - the scene with the cat face cracks me up every time!
  4. Legally Blond
4 Books I'd Recommend
  1. Good to Great - work related on getting 'the right people' on the bus
  2. Mind Games - a great motivational little read
  3. Anything James Patterson - Suspense and the chapters are teeny tiny
  4. Barbara Delinski
4 Places I've Lived
  1. Mahone Bay, NS
  2. Downtown Halifax, NS when I went to university
  3. Bridgewater, NS
  4. my current home
4 Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
  1. Sitting in front of a real wood stove with the door open, the flames dancing before me.
  2. Sitting in a chalet in Lake Louise, looking out on the lake
  3. Visiting any number of my far away blogger friends in Florida or Cali
  4. Where I am right now....sitting in front of my Christmas tree and electric fireplace.
4 of My Favourite Foods & Caffeinated beverages. :D
  1. My mom's porkchops and sauerkraut....soooo good.
  2. J's mom's coconut cream pie
  3. The first taste of fresh peaches and cream corn on the cob
  4. Tea - 3 sugar, one milk - yes...I know...that's A LOT of sugar
4 TV Shows I Watch
  1. Pretty Little Liars - thanks a lot Heather.  LOL
  2. General Hospital - thanks to my nanny for introducing me 35 years ago
  3. The Bachelor/ette - Farmer Chris is on in January...it's my indulgence once a week!
  4. The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon cracks me up!!!
4 Things I'm Looking Forward to This Year - 2015
  1. I turn 40 - not sure I'm looking forward to it...but it's happening!
  2. Maybe a vacation down south - my first trip south EVER.
  3. Pushing my limits and completing another sprint triathlon.
  4. Spending time with these 2 cuties.

4 Things I'm Always Saying
  1. "Come on....just 5 more seconds" - pushing members during bootcamp
  2. "Way to Go - high 5" - when finishing a run with others.
  3. "Hi Bubba" - what I say to Indy when I walk through the door in one of those voices that people use when speaking to their pets....you know the voice I'm talking about.
  4. "Indy....NO" - as he continually tips over my tea and drinks it. 
And that's a little bit more about me!  Most of the people I follow on blogs have already answered this survey so I just leave you with all this extra info!!
I hope everyone is having a great week...I can't believe it's December already!!!


  1. So glad you caught the PLL bug. ;) I LOVE your tree!!! I totally laughed at the "Indy....NO." LOL

  2. Drill Sergeant is such a compliment!