Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Update to Actual Running

I know...I know...I've been a bit slack in terms of running these days...or at least in terms of keeping you updated.  Being on vacation has thrown me for a loop and put my schedule out the window.  I'm running at different points of the day, blogging when I find a spare minute, and genuinely getting lots out of this vacation.  Having said that, I am following Allison's advice and running lower km's but at a speed that seems natural to me.  Her rationale is that by slowing myself down, I am actually putting more tension on my ITB by putting on the brakes so to speak.

Monday I did 4km around noon and really misjudged the heat.  My intention had been 5k but I didn't bring any water with me...and it was HOT!!!
Records fell that day...LOL...this cracks me up!!
Yesterday was a rest day and after my 2.5hour climbing adventure today, I planned on only running my mile...but ended up doing another 4k.  It physically hurt to swing my arms tonight!  I discovered a new part of my Nike Run shows you're splits.

It actually shows the +/- of each split as well.
So that is an update on my last couple of feels good to just go out and run...with no distance or pace goal...just for FUN!!! (oh...and pain free!!!)

Tomorrow my deck is getting a renovation.  I was browsing a new-to-me website (that my physio's student suggested) and came across this pic.  I really love the look of this deck...except I would leave the pergola off...maybe I can convince my contractor that it's doable!  Check out  It's got thousands and thousands of house ideas that you can scroll through!  It's Pinterest for houses!!!

Until my Friday run....take time to feel the warmth of the sun and the breeze on your face!!!!


  1. Don't worry if not every post is about running...a little peek into your everyday life is always fun too:)

  2. Great run! I'm super excited to see the deck :D

  3. We have a screen porch on the back of our house and it is hands down the best part of our house. I swear we spend 90% of our time there when we are home.

    1. I'd love to have a bigger space that had more privacy but living in a subdivision doesn't allow for it. Slowly working on making it a comfortable space!

  4. Awesome job! Oh my it took me forever to figure out the splits thing and a friend showed me! I felt like such a goof! ;-)