Friday, 23 August 2013

Osteopath Appt and Fellow Blogger Antics!!!

Today was my first Osteopath appointment at the Beech Street Health Centre.
Where my osteopath is located
I was a little worried as J said it really hurt when he went.  I did ask Dr.Stone what an osteopath did compared to other treatments and she mentioned that an osteopath is more of a manual adjustment treatment.  There were times during my appointment that I wasn't sure she was actually doing anything...but I knew I felt looser than when I came.  Her verdict???  My SI is locked up.  And of course, everything in our bodies is connected one way or another so because my SI is locked up, she feels it is putting more tension on my ITB because it's not letting my hips do their proper function.  (Just on the left side).  Basically, if you feel around your back for the two little bony spots that I would call my hips bones...those are where the sacroiliac joints are. 

 My left one was pretty sore to touch when I first got to my appointment but when I left, I was all good. Dr. Stone thinks I need at least 4 more appointments, a week or two apart.  The bad news is that she said I shouldn't run for about 24-48 hours after treatment...and silly me didn't do my run before my appointment.  So now I can't run until Sunday. Boo!! 
She actually told me that having been a gymnast for so long will probably mask problems because of the increased flexibility my body has and the range of motion it is used to making.  Running is the complete opposite and is a very rigid motion. 
Now onto Blogger Antics.  As you know, Heather from GGR and I are besties and do a lot together.  She mentioned a couple of weeks back that she wanted to get a running tattoo to celebrate all her running accomplishments.  Of course, I needed to go for moral support!!!  Well that got me thinking and researching and I found one that I wanted.  This was back before I decided to postpone the 1/2 marathon in September.  Due to this decision, I wasn't sure I was 'qualified' to still get a running tattoo.  I know I still plan on doing 5/10k races but did that deserve a permanent spot on my body???  Heather said yes....she said I was still a runner and had many accomplishments to celebrate!  So this makes me ask all of you.....what is the difference between a 'runner' and a 'jogger'???  I haven't figured out the answer yet.  In the are the results:
Please do not laugh at the face in the top right corner...that was a painful part.  LOL  The bottom left tattoo is mine, the bottom right is Heathers.  Mine is small enough that I can cover it with a watch, bracelet or long sleeve shirt.  We had two fantastic tattoo artists who made us laugh continuously...even though each tattoo took only about 8 minutes each.  I do recommend Utility Tattoo on Quinpool if you are thinking of 'inking' yourself!
So that's it for now!  Today is my final day of vacation....I can't believe a week flew by that quickly!!!  Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!


What is the difference between a jogger and a runner?

Do any of you have a tattoo?  If so, what does it represent??

I have 2 other tattoos; one of a frog because my dad called me toad my whole life (and a frog is cuter than a toad) and one that says mother and daughter in Chinese (mom and I got it together when she turned 65).



  1. I love our new tattoos!!! You have a ton to celebrate!

    Remember, I think a 'Jogger' is what non-runners call 'Runners.' ;)

  2. I also wondered about the distinction between running and jogging... cause I feel like what I do would be called "jogging". To me, running seems FAST... which I am not. LOL

    Just cause you don't run marathons doesn't mean you're not a runner. If you love running, which you do, it's perfectly valid to tattoo that! And hey, when you DO run your half, you can get the number put on it, too.

    The tattoos look awesome you guys! I don't have one yet, but if I ever do, it will be of a sand dollar. I have it picked out and everything.

  3. I love the tattoo! I haven't gotten one yet, but do have a couple ideas in mind. And isn't jogging just running slow? All the same to me. Running is running! :-)

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