Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sunday Runday and a Confession

Hi Everybody,

Okay....let's hit up the confession first (since I'm writing this before I've done my run). 

Confession:  I'm a DIY'er!!  If something needs to be fixed/done around the house, you'll find me on youtube figuring out how to do it.  I've installed laminate flooring, electric thermostats, built decks (with help), and changed the inner workings of a shower tap just to name a few.  I am a very hands on person and you'll find the DIY channel on my TV all day all weekend.

As you know I've been on vacation this last week and had multiple 'projects' that I wanted to get to...namely the privacy screens on my deck.  With the help of a contractor friend, and 8 hours of work, we got both sides done.  This sucker is going no where!
 In the process, I learnt A LOT!!!  I know my numerous questions probably drove my friend crazy, but he was really great about answering them all.  In this process I learnt how to properly level the current deck structure as it had sunk and pulled away from the house.  I know this is not difficult, but learning to properly do it made me feel better.  I then repeated the process on my front deck  and then on Heather's.  Heather's was a bit of a different beast as her deck had lattice work around it and was not easily accessible.  No fear, I did not let that deter me...I crawled under and jacked 'er up.  In a skirt none-the-less....I'd like to see Bob Villa or Mike Holmes do that!!
And yes...I am wearing my 'I love to Run' shirt!!
In the process of working on the deck, I've discovered a couple more tools that I'd like to have.  I know, you are all shaking your heads...but I do have most of the normal ones; mitre saw, jigsaw, level, cordless drill, etc.  But here is my list of wants (hint...hint...Christmas is 4 months away)
  • Reciprocating saw - this beast will go through anything with the right blades - this is my #1 want
  • Circular saw - this one can make some cuts that the mitre saw can't.
There is still more work to be done on the deck.  I'd like to replace the front spindles and put lattice work around the bottom.  I think I have enough knowledge that I can do the lattice work part myself.

Okay...onto my Sunday run.  It was my first run after osteo on Friday.  It felt really good until 4.5k and then the nagging knee pain started to rear it's ugly head.  I went to 5k and stopped to walk the rest of the way home.  I felt really good to that was a beautiful day for a run.  I did forget to wear my knee sleeve as Dr. Stone felt it might help.  Oops.  Next time...I swear!
This is a beautiful little stream that runs under a bridge in the backyard of church.  When I run on Sundays, I feel like maybe I should be in church instead...then I remember that on most of my runs, I am praying to god just to finish which is kind of my own little church service.
Seeing the 21.6k throws me each time...that is the total miles I've done in my Saucony Kinvara's (at least when I've taken the phone).
Okay....well I'm off to do some more DIY'ing.  Have a great Sunday and I'll see you on Tuesday for another run recap. Cheerio from RG!


  1. Thanks for proppin' up the deck ;)

  2. I am a DIY'er too! I always have some kind of project going, Awesome job! :-)

  3. fence looks great, Court! Some privacy will be nice too!