Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Week Rest and Retail Therapy!

Happy Weekend everyone!!!

It's been 6 days since I last ran.....and my phone plainly told me so when I turned it on today!  I had another osteo appointment on Friday and once again Dr. Stone said my hip/SI is really locked up and my left knee is actually not in the correct place.  It's going to take some work to get both of these items fixed.  I waited about 30 hours after my appointment to run a 5k.
If I hadn't felt guilty enough about not running, seeing that green
message pop up made it even yelled 'SLACKER'!! LOL

I got a stitch at 2.5k but ran through it, slowing down slightly.  I did wear my knee sleeve as Dr. Stone had suggested to give my knee some more support.  I'm not convinced it worked as at 4.88k (as if on cue) the knee pain started.
 I've been in a bit of a funk this past week.  Dr. Stone says she is seeing a lot of people feeling the same way.  It might be the change of the season or something but I am in a, exercise, etc.  I just couldn't get in the groove this past week.  But don't fret....tomorrow is September 1st and I plan on getting back on track.  I have 3 5k races in September; Maritime Race Weekend, the Sneaker Shredder, and Run or Dye and I'd like to manage a PB in one of these.

Taking a page from Janet's blog; I am making a September Goal List.  Here they are:
  • Eat better.  I tend to eat breakfast at 6am during the week, and then just 'pick' at stuff until I get home for supper.  And the 'stuff' that I pick at is not necessarily healthy.  I want to change this.  Step #1 is to grocery shop tomorrow and fill my fridge with good snacks!  Step #2 - I need your help....what do all of you pack for your lunches/snacks????
  • Plank a day - Heather got me on this one.  That strong gal can hold a plank for over 3 minutes...I struggle for 2.  I'm hoping that by the end of September, I will be able to post a time that shows an over 3 minute plank!
  • Run consistently at least 3 times per week.  These runs will range in distance depending on my knee but I want to be more consistent.
  • To be more present at work.  Today I went shopping and purchased new work clothes...thank you Banana Republic!!  I find that when I dress the part, I play the part better.  I want to really listen to my VP's needs and deliver an exceptional product.  It just happens that our work starts a new fiscal period on September 1st, so this works out well.
So there you have it.  4 goals for September that include 1 healthy eating goal, 2 exercise goals, and one work goal.

Oh....and you know what a fellow runner told me on Thursday???  My work benefit plan covers compression sleeves/socks with a doctors note.  Man.....I wish I had known this before buying 5 pair without a doctors note.  LOL.  Everyone should check their plans RIGHT NOW to make sure you aren't missing out!!!!

I am going to leave you with this cutie shot.  This girl was watching me leave for my run...begging me to take her with.  Everybody....please meet Jenny!  She is J's doggie who came to visit for a bit as she wasn't feeling great.  She seems to be doing okay right now and will snuggle up with Indy and I later.

Until tomorrow.....thanks for stopping by Runner Girl!!!


  1. It's hard to get the motivation to run when you're "injured". I'm there too, a little.

    I'll have to think about some goals! I've been thinking about the plank thing, as I can hardly get to 1 minute! sad!!!

    1. Erin....after the abs we needed in gym to even do a kip....I shake my head at where I am now!!

  2. OMG, did your phone really call you a slacker!? lol...that's crazy!

    Good for you for freshening up your wardrobe! I agree with 'looking the part.' I feel the same way.

    I like wraps for lunches or leftover chicken/pasta. As long as I get some carbs and proteins I'm good. I also love bananas, yogurt, oranges and cheese as snack foods. Oh yeah, and pretzels!

    1. I like the idea of wraps that you said yesterday. I'm wondering if I can peel an orange before work and still have it be good.

  3. Oh my, I know how it feels! I have no doubt you will get back on track soon. :-)

    When I was working I used to make a pasta and/or potato salad, a fruit salad and stock up on healthy snacks before my shifts.

    1. Oh.....pasta salad....that's an excellent idea!!!

  4. P.S
    I really enjoy reading your blog and I have nominated you for the Shine on award happy blogging!

    1. OMG.....thank you so much Kimmie! I still have the heart to send to you too!!!!