Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Needing a Reset

You know the feeling?  You have no desire to do what you love cause you've been doing it so much and it just seems like a chore now.  That's me...right now!  Some things have happened lately that make me want to just say 'no more'!  Don't get me wrong, I dearly enjoy each and every one of my clients and my Learn to Run clinic participants.  Seeing their success stories makes me so happy for them and all their hard work!!!
My mindset is negative!  There are things going on that don't help it...and push me to want to stay inside and become a hermit.  Seem dramatic?  I know it does...but sometimes my mindset gets blinders on and I can't see beyond it...I let it fester, I let the negativity bring me down!  I find that social media doesn't help me...I find it feeds the fire sometimes!  I thought about taking a break from social media and my activities to bring my mindset back to 'me' but then I was reminded that some people count on me...count on my posts.  It was suggested that I 'ignore' the negative and concentrate on the positive...I wonder if that suggestion comes with instructions?  LOL

But then something like the video below from America's Got Talent brings me back to reality and tells me to suck it up. (this brought me to tears)
We are all struggling with something from time to time, and our mental attitude decides how we handle it.  Do we sit and let it get the best of us or do we move past it...move on...and continue to be the best version of ourselves we can be in that moment??  I will get past this period.  How?  I am taking a break from training clients in August and take time for me;  I'm going to get back to the 'why' of doing what I do;  and I'm going to try to remember that letting go of friendships, relationships, and things that don't lift me higher is a necessity of life!
Oh....and I'm going to run through a bunch of mud this weekend at Mudcraft, and then run a half marathon and mini-triathlon next weekend to help celebrate Canada Day!  That should about do it!  LOL

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  1. I'm glad you're taking a break. No one can go on forever without a little breather! You deserve some "me time".