Friday, 10 June 2016

IWK In Memory of Jessica 5k

I was trying to wait to recap this race until the run photos were up on the site....but that doesn't appear to be happening anytime soon.   I laugh when people who may not be runners, hold a running race that includes a they not know we expect those like yesterday!!!!  Oh well...I'm sure as soon as I click "Publish", the photo's will be ready.

About 2 months ago, my client/friend Jillian asked if I wanted to be part of a team for this run as they needed 2 more participants.  Sure...I'm up for a cheap run and I'd done the course before and knew it was relatively flat.  Insert happy dance!

I met Jill at the start line and we grabbed our swag bags from the team captain.,,there was even a water bottle and a small baggie of energy chews!  Yum!!! (alas no pictures).

Pre-race photo
This race has a 500m and 1km option for the cute seeing them run towards the finish line.
A picture from last year
Next up was our 5k.  Like I mentioned, the run is fairly flat and mostly on pavement (minus a little gravel path).  I wanted to start near the front to avoid the bottleneck that happens on the gravel path.  This event was not timed, so had a very informal 'start' from the race director.    I had run about 500m when i decided to look at my was still in miles from when Heather borrowed it day before.  WTF was I going to do now?  I have no idea what my pace is in miles!!!  So I ran by feel...yup....when I found a pace that felt like I was pushing it a little, I looked down at the watch and noted my pace...then I tried to hold that...again...with no idea what my total time was.  I passed Jillian at about 2km and she was looking so strong!!!  At about the 3.5km mark, I started to waiver...then reminded can do anything for 1 mile...just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  I wasn't looking for a PB at this race...I hadn't done any tempo runs so knew my legs/lungs probably didn't have it in me.  The 2nd half of the race is all in 'open' space so there was no cover from the sun making it definitely warmer!  I pushed the last 500m, stopping my garmin in time to see my total pace as 25.29...a 5k PB!  YAY!    My last PB was actually on this same course (different race).
I immediately jumped up from my passed out position on the ground and ran back to wait for Jill.  I wanted to run in with her in case she was hurting.  This was her first race in 3 years and I was so proud of her.  She looked amazing as she rounded the final corner and headed home...she was even smiling!!!
I mean look at that smile
She crossed the finish line with her own PB!  Congrat's girl!!
Pink was our team color - the color of lotus' apparently

After the race, I quickly went home, changed and headed back out for another 10km.  I have a half marathon in 3.5 weeks and it was long run Sunday. was exhausting.  
I really need to knock off the fake grins.
I'm struggling with eating after my long runs.  My body just doesn't feel like doing it even though I need to in order to replenish my calories and restore my muscles.  I've tried chocolate milk (everyone's favorite) but that REALLY doesn't agree with me after a long run.  Does anyone have any suggestions???  With 18km on the schedule tomorrow, looks like I'll be taking it easy in the afternoon!!!

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  1. Woohooo!!!!! Way to get your PB, lady!! That's impressive!!