Sunday, 24 January 2016

Winter Project #1: Pallet Art

When you are laid off, you have A LOT of time to browse through pinterest!  I few days ago, I saw a pallet project that I wanted to try.  I thought I would recap the process here in case anyone would like to try it on their own.

Step #1 - Find a pallet.  I found a local business that sells kiln dried pallets for $6.  I picked one up on Friday. 

Step #2 - you need to separate the boards on the pallet.  The easiest way is to saw the boards away from the two ends.  I did this with a circular saw.
You can see the end in the background.
Step #3 - Pry the rest of the boards off the pallet.  This is tougher than it looks if you don't own a magic 'pallet board' stripper.  The 3 boards (the ones you see on top of this picture) were easier because the nails were straight in the wood.  The nails on the bottom are hammered in and then bent over...a lot tougher to remove.  I had a pry bar that I used....although I was sure a reciprocating saw would have been easier.  LOL 
Step #4 - Decide whether you are staining or painting.  You must also decide if you are going to stencil the letters on the boards after you stain/paint or if you are going to attach the letters/words first, paint/stain, and then remove them.  So many decisions.  I chose to stain.  I was also going to attach letters after the stain was applied.
Stain kit comes with sponge, latex gloves, and cloth
to wipe off the excess.
Step #5 - Stain or paint the boards.  With are going to put it on with the sponge, then wipe off the excess until you get the look that you want.  The stain and stain kit cost $20.
Step #6 - Allow the stain to dry. Once dry...if you stained over letters/design....peel off the design.   You are now going to attach all the boards together in whatever pattern you want.  I went to the local hardware store and got these flat plates that I screwed into each board.  I attached one on each end of the board.
My plates only had 4 holes...2 for each board.

Step #7 - You are going to attach the wall hanging hardware.  The flat hardware cost $3.49/package and I used 2. I already had the wall hanging hardware so no cost at this time.

Step #8 - Attach decorations or stencil on a saying.  I had so many ideas swirling around in my head that I had about 3 different sayings laid out on the floor of Michaels.  I purchased multiple ideas and came home to see which would work.  Needless to say...I'll be returning items tomorrow. 

Step #9 - Stand back and admire your handy work!
The funny thing is that I had that 'believe' sign hanging in a different part of the house.   I just spray painted it yellow to go with my living room to make it my cheapest alternative.
The total cost of the project was approximately $40 so not a 'cheap' project...but I know it would have cost a lot more to buy it at a store.  I have a lot of ideas swirling in my head for smaller projects and pinterest continues to grow the list!  Use your imagine and come up with your own saying and colors!!!  


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