Sunday, 5 January 2014

Nutri-Bullet and Best Chick Flick

Hi folks...happy Sunday....and Runday!

Yesterday was a cleanup day from the blizzard we received on Friday.  What a mess!
The path in the bottom right corner is so that Indy can make his way around the deep snow.  I've had quite enough of this white stuff for this year.  Thanks Mother Nature...but you can bring spring on now!

After clearing the driveway, I decided I needed a new blender....a nutri-bullet.  This little machine sure does make my smoothies smooth.  I hate to admit this, but until this point, I was scared to put spinach in my smoothies for the fear of tasting it.  I have now broken that fear, and I am adding spinach in abundance.
The smoothie you see here is J's....there is no way I'm
up to adding cucumber and tomato!
Today was a group run (rescheduled from yesterday).  We had a great turn out this morning for both runs (intermediate and beginner).  I just keep telling the group that we'll be lightning fast come spring when we can shed layers and have a solid push off from the road.  These snowy covered roadways require twice the effort to do our normal pace.

I picked up a new-to-me Garmin last week as well.  This is the Garmin Forerunner 10.  It's perfect for the group runs as it allows me to program run/walk and tracks the distance and pace.  AND...the big bonus is it took less than 20 seconds to find the satellite.  My old one is taking about 15 minutes these days.

And now I am watching The Vow....there is just something about Channing Tatum with tears coming down his face that gets me.  This leads me to my perplexing question for the day....What is the best chick flick that you have ever watched?  Or maybe your top 3???
  1. Pretty Woman - I can probably quote this movie word for never gets old.
  2. Friends with Benefits - this is a newer one...but it makes me laugh every time when they write on each others faces. 
  3. I think there is a tie for 3rd - What Happens in Vegas (I think that's what it is called); 13 Going on 30; Legally Blond; The Vow
I'm sure I am missing a good one and am hoping you'll help me by telling me yours.

I'm off to do some decluttering and cleaning before starting the new week.  I've put together 4 work place challenges and will tell you all about them in my next post.  Until then....have a relaxing Sunday afternoon and thanks for stopping by!!!


  1. I love your new-to-you Garmin! If I ever get one, it'll have to be a used one. They're so pricey!

    My favorite Rom-Coms are "Love, Actually", "You've Got Mail", and a tie for third with "Notting Hill" and "When Harry Met Sally". (I ALWAYS have to watch You've Got Mail if it's on TV even though I own it! lol)

    1. Thanks Ali....I love it too. They are pricey...and so addictive!

      Oh....I love You've Got Mail and Notting Hill too. Especially when he's wearing the mask to watch the movie. hehe

  2. Holy snow Batman! I watched 'Maid in Manhattan" recently, also the ones you mentioned are my faves too! :-)

    1. Is that the one with Jennifer Lopez? I like that one too!!

  3. I told you that you wouldn't taste the spinach!

    Great runs :)

    My favourites are "The Notebook" (by a landslide) and "Just Like Heaven"

    1. I can't believe you can't taste the is kale...have you tried that??
      There were too many Reese Witherspoon movies that I like...she is a rom com queen!