Monday, 16 September 2013

Comfort Food & Vitamins's Monday.  Man...the weekend sure did fly by!!

Today was kind of a dreary day and I was craving some comfort food for supper.  My mom used to make the dish below when it was a fall weekend, and it always warmed my belly.

WARNING:  this is not low fat...or low has a zillion calories I'm sure!!!
Presenting a warm chicken sandwich with peas....
And of course.....cookies for dessert!
Thank god I ate healthy all day with grapes, bran muffin, cheese, etc.

Knee Rehab
As you know, my knee(s) are quite sore from Saturday's run.  I say my knees loosely as I know it's tight quads, hamstrings, and IT bands that are causing the problem.  My main form of rehab this week is rolling and stretching.  To work along with that, I visited Walmart on the weekend and loaded up on rehab help.....
Has anyone ever used Rub A535 or any other similar products?  Does it help??

And finally....Daily Vitamin intake.....

Yes....your eyes do not deceive you....that is Flintstones mixed in with regular Jamieson vitamins.  When I've tried to take the Centrum daily multi-vitamin, my tummy gets upset.  Flintstones are the only ones I've been able to take that don't do that.  I figure a little bit is better than none in terms of daily vitamins.  I researched what vitamin's a runner should be taking and came up with 3 essential:
  • Vitamin D - Why do we need it??  For runners, low levels of this vitamin may impair performance by increasing the risk of stress fractures and upper respiratory infections, as well as leading to elevated inflammation associated with over-training.
  • Vitamin B6 - Vitamin B6 helps to make red blood cells and normalize brain function. B6 also assists the body in breaking down protein, while playing a role in fatty acid metabolism.
  • Vitamin C - A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C fights free radical damage. It may help to reduce upper respiratory tract infections, which can occur in athletes following extended endurance exercise.
Well I am getting 2 of the 3.  Then I came across a multi-vitamin called Runner's Daily Complete which is made to provide a single source for all the recommended supplements a runner needs.

Runner's Daily Complete - Multivitamin/ Multimineral For Runners Of All Intensities - 90 Tablets, 1 month supply
I have not used this product, but thought that if I were a more dedicated runner it might be something to try.  What types of vitamin's do you take every day?  Do you find a difference if you miss them for some reason???
Well I'm off to roll/stretch and possibly make some Banana Bread.  I started a list of blog keep checking back to see what my next one will be.  It's rest week until my race on Sunday so I've got to fill the time with something!!!
Oh...and one last thing.  I ABSOLUTELY love when people text or facebook me and tell me they've signed up for a local race!!!  I get all excited inside just thinking of them toe'ing the start line and feeling the adrenaline with all the other runners.  And let's not forget about the HUGE accomplishment that everyone feels when they cross the finish line!!!  So to all my readers and friends....keep those messages coming! You can do it!!


  1. I used A535 ALL the time in gymnastics. I bought some when my knee started hurting this last time, but it didn't help much. BUT it was the kind that seemed like it warmed up, and the warm feeling was really nice.

    1. I'll let everyone know how it feels come this weekend!

  2. I drink an awful tasting green drink w/ground flax every morning, my doc said it was all the vitamins I needed for now, when I get a little older I am sure that will change. :-)

    1. How do you manage to get those green drinks down? I can't seem to do it.

  3. That sandwich looks awesome!

    I'm taking Vitamin C and Iron right now. I will be upping my vitamin D soon as well. When I was tired a lot last winter it was suggested that I might be low in vitamin B, so I tried to incorporate eggs into my diet as much as I could as well. :)

    1. I am missing my eggs...need to start incorporating more of those!

  4. I take vitamins C and D, as well as magnesium and omega-3. I'm not a runner but I do take vitamins to supplement my diet. While I try to eat as healthy as possible, taking supplements ensures that I'm getting optimal nutrition every day.