Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Oh to be Young Again!!

As you may remember, back in December I went to visit the local trampoline park with Erin where I did some gymnastic moves that I haven't done in years.  Fast forward a month and my back started forward two months and it's so locked up that the chiropractor that I see can't crack it.  The right side is pretty good....but the left side...not a chance!!!

My prescription for the next few days is:  back exercises, ice, and my handy-dandy TENS machine.
Stretching takes such little amount of time but feels so good when I'm done.  Why don't I do it more I should!!! 
Icing my back in our winter months is chilly....brrrrrr...but I do love how my back feels after about 4 minutes on the TENS machine.  The lasting vibrations seem to loosen the muscles and ease the pain.  The doctor has ordered NO burpees until we get it cleared up....I was just heart broken....NOT!!

I see Dr. T again tomorrow and will see how that appointment goes...until movement and stretching, ice, and TENS!

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