Saturday, 16 January 2016

There is no 'Magic'Pill!!!

There is a new show on TV called "My Diet is Better than Yours'....and it infuriates me! 
Shaun T hosts this show and I can't help but wonder why he'd support it
given his trainer background
The concept is that five people choose five different 'trainers' (and I say that very loosely) that have 5 different diet concepts.  Each week they are weighed and then they can choose to keep their trainer/diet or switch to a different one.  The diets are things such as
  • The Wild Diet by Abel James
  • The Flexitarian Diet by Dawn Jackson Blatner
  • The Clean Momma Plan by Carolyn Barnes get the idea.  Anyways...supposedly they say that this is supposed to be real life in that the contestants go to work, come home and cook their meals.  Ummmmm.....hello.....where is the daily exercise that is needed to actually become fitter and healthier?  The contestants are wondering why they are only losing one pound per week when the extent of their exercise is doing squats to pick up vegetables at the market.  The voice over on the show says "America wants to know which diet is the best...".  HELLO everyone...when are you going to understand that a 'diet' is not the answer?  There is no magic pill or formula that is going to make you lose weight and keep it off.  The answer is hard freakin' work day in and day out.  It is a LIFESTYLE change to wholesome foods and exercise.  It is cutting back on the amount of refined sugar you put in your body and increasing the number of steps you take! 
No...the exercise does not have to be 8 hours a day like you see on the Biggest Loser but does need to be more than bending over to pick up the dishcloth!  The other thing that makes me mad about these shows is that in most cases, it has taken YEARS for people to put the weight know...5lbs one year...another 5lbs the next...and suddenly they are 50lbs overweight.  Well I've got news for you took you years to put the weight is NOT going to come off in weeks or maybe is going to take time and hard work.  You may have been able to sit on the couch and gain the weight but you cannot sit on the couch and lose it!  Plain and simple....Get wholesome...and see results.
End of my rant!


  1. I feel like the downfall here is calling it a diet. We should be looking at lifestyle changes! That means eating and working out...but studies are starting to show that eating right is more important than exercise when it comes to losing weight. Now, losing weight isn't the perfect way to measure health, of course, but if it's about WEIGHT, eating is where it's at.

    This comment is a long way of saying that I think this show is too trendy and trite, which is a shame because it could be used to introduce good ways to eat healthier and make small changes that stick for life!

    1. I agree Ali....I wish people would use these avenues to educate on the truths...not what is trendy.

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