Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Training, Hills and Pizza

Guess what?  Yesterday I sat down and made myself a website...Yes...that's right!  If you visit Runner Girl can see what I do in my spare time when not working as an accountant!

Now that I am off for two months, I get to experience what my teacher friends do in the summer.  I am sleeping until 8:00am, then leisurely get ready for the day.  I love having no schedule and being able to train at any point during the day!

Training Review
Sunday - worked out at home with a quick 20 minute HIIT workout.  My abs would end up being sore for 2 days!
Monday - Rest Day
Tuesday - 500m in the pool in 15.30 minutes
Wednesday - see below

Sooooo...Yesterday Ali over at Hit the Ground Running posted about doing a 'bridge' workout.  Obviously this workout would mean completing hills of some sort.  I read her blog and commented 'good on ya!'  Two years ago, I tried doing hill specific workouts in my there is a doozy hill...and I got so discouraged.  The 3rd time up the hill I had to walk.  Since then, my hill training has been very limited.  But Ali gave me the little boost I needed...thanks blogger friend!  Today I tackled that dreadful hill.  My plan was to run up it and down my street for a 1.5k loop...three times!
All done!  Stretching the IT after NO walking!  Gains are being made!
That elevation doesn't look like it changes much...but it really is a steep hill!
The time actually flew by as I ran past my house and stayed in the same area the whole time!!  I'm hoping to do this same workout once per week! 
Along with the training, I am also consciously trying to keep my eating 80% clean.  On the weekend, I cleaned out my pantry/cupboards and filled a garbage bag full of stuff that I was never going to eat or that was not good and wholesome.  I won't lie....I shed a tear as I threw chocolate in the bag!!  To stay on the healthy track, I've filled my fridge with only good options and am trying out new recipes.  Tonight, I went with a VERY simple and easy pizza recipe and it was super yummy!!

Preheat over to 425 degrees.  Take one 8 inch whole wheat tortilla, spread with sauce, top with your favorite veggies and cheese.  Pop in the oven for 8-10 minutes until the cheese is bubbling and the edges are brown.  Easy, peasy, lemon, cheesy!  LOL 

Do you guys have any easy, healthy recipes that you want to pass onto me?
How many of you like hills??


  1. Pizza looks great! Nice job on James!
    I have hills on the agenda for tomorrow.

  2. That pizza looks insanely good. How do you get your insta pics to cycle through on the sidebar like that?

    I'm glad I could help you get motivated to tackle those hills!! You've come so far and are SO strong!! Way to kick butt!

    1. In the blog design screen, there is an app that I can put in the design that allows me to link to my instagram account. I figured out how to do it by googling 'how to add instagram' to blogger. LOL

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