Friday, 1 January 2016

Bringing 2016 in with a SPLASH!!!

This morning I woke up to a brand new year.....2016 had arrived!  My plan was to hit the pool this morning for some easy laps...and might I add...warm water!  And then I remembered that some people were doing their annual Polar Dip in the morning.  My mind started to wander...was I crazy even thinking about it??  I've been struggling with setting goals the past couple of days and I thought 'what better way to kick off the new year but to invigorate my body/mind'. 

You know those times that you overanalyze things...and then they become much scarier in your head than they do in real life!  That was the Polar Dip!  I mean, what rational person chooses to run into freezing cold water on the first day of the year....who thought up this crazy tradition??
This sailboat sunk during the summer.  Such a calm morning on the water!
The secret, I was told, was to acclimatize my body to the cold so that the water wouldn't be such a shock.  Some people walked by with their dogs...they laughed as I stood there in my bathing suit!  Believe it or not, the only cold part of me was my toes.
Even the ducks came to join me.
And then I was ready....I had planned to make a snow angel in the snow and then run into the water.  Problem #1 - the snow was frozen ontop so no snow angel was made....I ran directly into the water, dove under, and ran back out.
Problem #2 - My camera only had storage to video tape right to the point of me entering the water...and then it stopped!  Yup...note to self...make sure your phone has plenty of storage if you are going to make a crazy decision!  So that meant I did it again...yup....I ran into the cold water again to ensure that I had video proof!
But you know what?  It wasn't that wasn't cold at all when I came out of the water.  The only thing I couldn't feel were my time I'd wear sea shoes or something.  The fear that I had built up in my mind was far worse than the actual event!  So this is a lesson for me...don't overanalyze things....know that the mental game is far worse!

And so begins my 2016!  I've been working on my goals and will be doing a post soon...for now....I hope everyone had a great new years eve and is ready for great things in 2016!!!


  1. Oh're brave!!! Cold water is the WORST! Happy New Year!

  2. Ha ha I LOVE it. You look so cold. lol There's a polar bear dip here in February for charity. I would love to dip one year. Happy New year!!

  3. Love it! I did that a couple years ago, for me, my whole body was cold! Maybe you are just a whole lot tougher than I am with weather!!