Saturday, 25 April 2015

The Struggle is Real

Every day I wake up and I have a choice...we all have a choice.  I was on a great had become a habit...the healthy breakfast and actually taking a lunch to work.  Then it happened, a little 'off' day and I adopted the mindset of "why bother?"  We've all been there...whether it be PMS, a bad day/week, or a craving that we succumb happens!  You know what the important thing is?  That we hop back on the 'healthy train"!  How did I plan on doing that?

#1 - Make a plan with others to hold you accountable! CHECK

Today I went for my longest run since October...yes...that's right...longest run since October. 
#2 - give yourself something to motivate you.  CHECK

And then I went shopping....cause what helps a slump better than getting a piece of new gear?  NOTHING...LOL
Indy wanted to model the new cap!  The way our weather is
going, I'm going to need this!
#3) - Set a goal - CHECK

Tomorrow I am forcing myself to do a local 5k race to get myself back into training mode!  It is sure to be fun (minus the hills) as we run through a National Historic site in the city!  Next weekend is a 10k race which I am leading the warm up to, and doing a motivational talk after.  Does any runner really want to do the darn warm up?  LOL.  I know I always roll my eyes at them...but will try and warm up the folks to be race ready. 

And.....The Spartan race is 6 weeks away....eeek!  I better get rope climbing, spear throwing, and kettle bell swinging to be race ready!!!

So I think by the time the weekend is over, I shall be back into training mode...strong and steady!  This winter sure did kick my butt in terms of outdoor training...but I'll get it back!  I need to remember that this year I am all about the FUN at FORTY!

Check back tomorrow as I do a race recap of the 5k!!!


  1. You know I fall off the wagon often. I'm back on it right now but I can feel myself starting to slide toward the edge. This post might have been the kick I needed.

    I think this winter kicked everyone's butt. Thank goodness it's over!

    1. At least you've got some races in already....the warmer weather always gets us moving!!!

  2. I need to learn that giving up for a day doesn't have to lead to giving up forever. I also really do rely on my friends to help keep me accountable. It's nice to have a support group to train with!