Sunday, 26 April 2015

MEC Race the Citadel

Well that was hilly!

In true OCD fashion...I showed up at 7:30 to register for a race that started at 9:30...yes...I'm that person.   I have never done a MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) race before so wasn't sure what to expect.  I did know that the entry fee of $15 was right up my alley for the first race of the season. 

I went in telling myself that anything under 30 minutes and I'd be happy given that I ran SQUAT over the winter and wasn't sure how my IT would hold up under the increased speed.

The Citadel is a national historic site in Halifax that was once used as a fortress to help the British Military guard the settlers of the once small town.  It's always exciting to be able to run through a place that has so much history....and take a bunch of photo opportunities as well.
Meet Parka!  And yes...I stood in line with a bunch of
kids to get my picture taken.

This guy was at the finish line...cheering us in.

And he was piping us up this gravel hill that SUCKED!
But back to the race.  The course had 2 big inclines (proceeded by the decline) and one nasty gravel upclimb!
It doesn't look steep...but the loose gravel was really difficult to run in.
4.25k of the run was on pavement at which point we entered the fortress, ran up this incline and around the outer layer of the fortress that overlooked the courtyard...pretty cool!  The 2nd incline was a doozy and seemed to go on forever.  I was able to make up time on the declines...often running at a 4:45/km pace.  My IT bands held up and were able to push me to a 28 minute finish.
First race in the books for a 'master' I might add!
Of course....necessary stretching happened after the race.

Oh...doesn't everyone stretch in fortress doorways?
There were no bells and whistles at the race....we didn't receive a medal (the kids did) and there weren't any tshirts...but for $15...what a great race.  I think I'll watch for the rest of the MEC races as they pop up as there are definitely some great runners entering them and you can't beat the value!  Oh yes....and some proof that I actually did run and not only socialize!
Obviously the beginning when smiling was easy!
And 4.2k in when smiling wasn't in the cards!
So that is race #1 in the books and it felt really great to be out there pushing myself again after such a long winter...bring on race season!!!!


  1. Wow, what a great race!! All your working out is keeping you fast even when you don't run!

    I'm giggling at little that you have to wear long sleeves and pants still! It's hard to imagine it being so cold in April!

  2. Nice job! Looks like a fun race :)