Sunday, 29 March 2015

Triathlon for Diabetes!!!!

Another triathlon is in the books.  This one was a Try-a-Tri for Diabetes.  A Try-a-Tri consists of 300m in the pool, 10k on the bike (usually), and then a 3km run.  Because this was inside, the bike consisted of 30 minutes on a stationary bike.

Last night I laid out all the essentials.
There is a very important element missing from this photo

Taped up with KT tape as my plantar fasciitis was acting up in yesterday's bootcamp class.
And then I woke up to this:
Making me feel like this:
Really Mother Nature?  I have a triathlon to get to!!!
I shoveled enough to get the car out and drove to the Canada Games Center. (only 15 minutes away).  It was a beautiful morning with the sun shining and the temperatures above zero!!!

As I was walking into the complex I realized what I had missed packing!  Did any triathletes out there notice?  I forgot a freakin' towel...who forgets a towel when you are doing a triathlon??  ME!!!  That's who! Oh well...the show much go on.

I haven`t been in the water since July...yes...over 6 months ago.  I was interested to see if my cross training had helped me with my swimming...and guess did.  My arms were not as tired as they used to be and I just felt more comfortable in the water.
My photographer needs to take classes...LOL
I believe I was around 8 minutes in the pool, and onto the bike....30 minutes for everyone.  Talk about boring....LOL.  For me, 30 minutes took me to just over 12km or so.  And then hopped off for a 3km run around the track!  As the organizers called out my last lap I still had some energy left and stepped it up in the last 200m.  It looks like I finished in just under an hour but the final stats are not out yet.

This was a great event for anyone who wants to dip into the triathlon world and a great warm up for the upcoming season!!!  A job well done by the organizers.  They even had home made ribbons for completing the event!!
And I got a new pair of socks.....cause everyone needs a new pair of socks!!!
And finally....will I ever learn??  Last year, my tri suit chafed under my arm during my run.  Forgetting where the exact spot was, I did not put any Vaseline on it this time....big mistake as once again I chafed under my right arm.
That is going to sting in the shower!!!

It felt great to be back in the pool again and this was just what I needed to get my butt into gear.  I would definitely recommend this event for anyone who would like to Try-a-Tri next year!!  I`ll add this to my list as an event to do each year!


  1. This sounds fun! Do final results take into consideration how far you went on the bike since everyone does 30 minutes, or does the distance not matter?

    1. For this one...everyone did the 30 minutes...distance didn't matter. What it did tell me is that my legs are definitely strong on the bike this year than last! It was a fun event!

  2. Great job on another tri! I love the homemade ribbons :D And ENOUGH snow already!!!

  3. Way to go! I'm sure that shoveling the driveway as a great way to wake up your body for the TRI! I was in Timberlea that night and couldn't believe the amount that fell!