Thursday, 26 March 2015

Oops, I did it again! and DYNAMIC people!!!

Sorry...I just had to throw that title in there!  LOL

I took a day off yesterday and decided it was time to move back towards my blonder self so I headed off to the hair dressers.  I'm so lucky as my hair dresser and I have been together for over 12 years and have this crazy friendship that has evolved...I even have my very own table when I arrive!! 
Breakfast of champions, right??
The before picture!

The things we do for blog pictures...LOL
And the after!

There is nothing better than being pampered at the hairdressers.
My hairdresser massages my head at the sink and it is heavenly!!!

After I got home, I was looking through a new website we have here in the Maritimes called  which lists all races of any type within this region.  This was a mistake as I found a Try-a-Tri this weekend at an indoor facility 15 minutes away.  SCORE!!!   Never mind that I haven't swam or biked since....ummmm...July....I signed up!  Oops! LOL  It's for a great it's a win win.  I might as well jump (literally) back into triathlon training!

We will be doing a 300m swim (that's 12 laps), 30 minutes on a stationary bike, and then 3km on the indoor track.  Fun!!!

Last night saw the kickoff of the Team CBC training for the May Bluenose Marathon weekend.  At this rate, there will still be piles of snow around the city during the actual race weekend, but we have to get training.  A handful of folks showed up and we ran a very short 2k due to icy sidewalks. 

There are 80 people signed up, we had about 10% show up last night.
Come on mother nature!!
I led them through some warm up exercises and reminded everyone how important it is to do dynamic stretching before you run and leave the static stretching for after your muscles are warmed up.  I cringe when I see people with their legs on rocks or something doing a static hamstring stretch, or leaning off a curb stretching our their calf muscles.  Yes....I used to be one of them...but now I know better...DYMANIC people...make those stretches move!!!  Oh...and I convinced one of the gals to do the Tri with me on Sunday...thankfully some people have the same definition of fun as me!!

And here is a workout you guys can try....quick and easy....all you need are a couple dumbells (you can substitute the kettlebell and medicine ball for dumbbells).

Do you guys love going to the hairdresser....or is it just a formality??  I love it...the people who work at the salon make me laugh so much and come on....I have to do my hair all the other days...but the day at the's their turn!!!

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