Saturday, 21 June 2014

Summertime Baby!

YAY...It's summer time peeps...officially arrives today.  Now....if only someone would point this out to mother nature.  It's June 21st and it's only 14 degrees Celsius.   How do we celebrate the first day of summer in the TTP?  Well we wake up super-duper early on a Saturday to do a 10km bike ride, followed by a 7km run.

My photo taking skills need some improvement!
I think this was the first time some runners have biked and then ran.  Afterwards, they mentioned that it would be much easier to run and then bike.  I kindly said "We don't do easy.  The triathletes don't get to choose."  There are about 4 of us planning on doing a spring triathlon in September...can't wait to have fellow TTP on the course with me.  Once again, the bike portion killed me....I was the last of the 10 of us to finish.  I NEED PRACTICE!
Despite the cooler weather, I had gardening on my mind.  I feel such accomplishment when everything is trimmed, mowed, and weeded.  Look at this beauty...the result of planting autumn bulbs...I guess all great products take time to develop...we can't rush progress!

I was recently introduced to the book below.  I haven't had a chance to read anything for the last little while but today made a quick trip to the local library.  I see a weekend of interesting reading ahead of me...I will post a review when finished.

And some days I just don't know how I leave this face to go to just kills me!! (and I apologize to those that follow me on instagram for photo duplication).

The love of my life!
I hope every one is having a fantastic weekend so far.  What are you doing this weekend?  Do you like gardening??


  1. It's so true that triathlons would be easier in a different order! Why don't race organizers change it?! lol

  2. Thank goodness for Summer! I planted bulbs like that 2 years ago and was shocked at how tall they were! Indy looks like he's had a hair cut. Super cute :)